Koran chapter 9 verse 5:

Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush.

Part 1

Instructions for Jihad

Contrary to what we are told by most politicians, that Islam is a peaceful religion which has been corrupted by misguided individuals, the evidence, if you allow yourself to look at it dispassionately, is indicating otherwise.  Even briefly looking at the Koran will convince you that the jihadists are following its instructions accurately.  The painful reality is that the more devout a Muslim is, if they understand the principle of abrogation, then they will take far more notice of the violent, hate-filled, divisive verses in the Koran, rather than the peaceful, conciliatory, and religiously tolerant verses which also exist in the Koran.

It may be that most politicians have been fooled into thinking that Islam is peaceful because, yes, it does contain some peaceful verses.  However these verses have become null and void due to the principle of abrogation.  Unfortunately it is the violent, intolerant verses which are the more recent and so take precedence over the earlier more peaceful ones.  Knowledgeable Muslims will of course be aware of this fact.  If they try to convince you otherwise they are deliberately lying.  Deliberately lying to non-Muslims usually in order to further the interests of Islam even has a name.  It is called taqiyya.  Look it up if you have not heard of it before.  Also look up ‘Koran abrogation’.  In this age of the Internet there is no excuse for ignorance.

Jihad is mandated in the Koran, as this verse (and many others also) proves. Koran chapter 9 verse 5:  “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush.”

Patterns of attack dates

The words “when the sacred months have passed” indicates that there may be a pattern to the jihadist attacks.  If we can analyse the dates of the attacks according to the Islamic calendar, and if the dates are predominantly in non-sacred months, then it would be good evidence that the jihadis are following accurately the verses such as this.  There are four sacred months in an Islamic year, and eight non-sacred.  This is the well known quote from the Koran, known as the verse of the sword, instructing believers to attack non-believers when the sacred months are over.  “Kill them wherever you find them”.  On the face of it, this indicates that the geographic location is not significant, but the dates are.  What part of “kill” do politicians not understand?

The Islamic calendar comprises 12 months of more or less equal durations. The months are based on lunar cycles.  The duration of the Islamic year differs slightly from the western calendar and so their year gradually rotates relative to our calendar.  There are four sacred months; one of them stands alone (Rajab) whilst three (Dhu al-Qi’dah, Dhu al-Hijjah, and Muharram) are consecutive.  The question is: do the jihadists wait for non-sacred months in order to make their attacks, or are the jihadist attacks randomly spaced around the Islamic calendar?  Some attacks are constrained in some way, such that they have to be carried out at a particular date and/or location, because that is the only opportunity available to make that attack.  The attack in Copenhagen upon the anti-Islam cartoonists fits this category.  Other attacks are not constrained, such as attacks on a music concert.  Such concerts regularly occur in different cities and dates, the jihadists can pick one which fits their own date and location requirements.  

Considering just the attacks in the UK, Europe, and Turkey between January 2015 and March 2017, here are the figures:

The number of non-constrained jihadist attacks 29, resulting in 405 killed (not counting the terrorists) and 1566 injured.  All of these are in non-sacred months, the probability that this is purely by chance is extremely small, one in 127,834.  This pretty much proves that the jihadists are following the Koran instructions accurately.  And that politicians are so wrong when they say it has nothing to do with Islam.

The number of constrained jihadist or not pre-planned attacks – nine, resulting in 105 killed and 525 injured.  All but two of these attacks were in sacred months.  


Terrorist attacks by type of attack.  Jihadist attacks are categorised as constrained or not constrained.  Kurdish separatist do their attacks irrespective of whether the month is sacred or not.

The attacks by Kurdish separatists are restricted to Turkey.  There have been 23 of these attacks resulting in 294 killed and 950 injured.  They do not appear to be following a pattern of geographic locations and the dates of the attacks appear to be randomly distributed too.  About one third of them take place in sacred months and this is as expected for random events.  In general they attack the Turkish army and Turkish police rather than civilians in night clubs or pop concerts.  Kurdish separatists are politically motivated rather than specifically jihadist in nature.  That the dates of their attacks are randomly distributed indicates that they are not primarily taking the Koran as their inspiration.

Summary of attack dates

If we discount the attacks by Kurdish separatists, attacks which are clearly time and location constrained such as the Copenhagen attack, attacks which are forced to be done immediately, such as when the terrorist has the net closing on them and individuals who clearly are not pre-planning (such as just been released from a mental hospital), then there indeed is a strong pattern:  The pre-planned major attacks are entirely undertaken during non-sacred months. As instructed in the Koran chapter 9 verse 5: 

  • The Koran clearly states that attacks should take place in non-sacred months.
  • Where attacks are pre-planned they almost invariably occur in non-sacred months.
  • Clearly the jihadists are accurately following the instructions in the Koran.
  • No politician can now say that Islamic terrorism is nothing to do with true Islam.
  • Kurdish separatist attacks are not constrained by date.  The Koran is clearly not their primary inspiration.

In part 2 (published tomorrow)I will examine the pattern of attacks by location.  It appears that there is a shape drawn by these attack locations, like some sort of demonic dot-to-dot drawing.  If that pattern is real then it implies that there is a central mastermind who is controlling these attacks.  Furthermore it implies that there is likely to be a massive attack planned for London.  Our security services have to be lucky every time; the jihadists only have to get lucky once.

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