Watch the video of Paul Oakley’s highly praised speech on immigration at Conference.


Here is the full script:

A “Birmingham Speech”? On immigration? At UKIP Conference? What could possibly go wrong?

Nothing. Because today we are launching  our mini-manifesto “Policies for the People”.

This is not to be confused with that Remoaner rubbish you may have heard about in the media – “The Peoples’ Vote”.

That has a stupid name for two reasons – firstly, who are they saying normally votes? “People” or alien space monsters? Secondly, for reasons of accuracy it ought to be called “the Losers’ Vote”. Because that’s precisely what it is.

By complete contrast our new raft of policies show precisely how UKIP will win. And when it comes to immigration we are already winning. Who can forget that “BREAKING POINT” poster which helped us to victory in the referendum?

The Mainstream Media was appalled. We were vilified. Letters were written to the Guardian. We were right. UKIP make no apology whatsoever for that image and its message that the EU has failed us all. Yet successive Labour and Conservative and coalition governments are just as guilty.

The 2001 census of the UK found that there were 58.7 million people in our country. That we know about. By the time of the 2011 census there were 63 million. That we know about. In June this year the Office for National Statistics estimated that our population has reached 66 million. Again, that we know about.

Last month Migration Watch published a study in which they found that 82% of that population growth was down to immigrants and their UK-born children. Indigenous Britons are already a minority in their own capital city of London. They must never become a minority in their nation as a whole.

If legal immigration is too high, what about the ones that we don’t know about?

Latest estimates suggest that the illegal immigrant population of this country is rising by 70,000 people a year on top of the 1 million that the Home Office has conceded are here already. Such a rate of increase is simply unsustainable in one of the most densely populated countries in the world. We have more people per square Kilometre than Pakistan, Nigeria and China.

Frankly, there is only so much “diversity” that we can comfortably celebrate. So – what is to be done?

Well, to begin with we can tell you what is not to be done. And that is to tyrannize people who have lived their lives in Britain for half a century or more having come here in the first place at our invitation.

The persecution of the Windrush generation by Theresa May and Amber Rudd was one of the shabbiest, ugliest and nastiest episodes in our recent domestic history. Everyone knows that the Conservatives are trying to swindle voters into supporting them by copying us.

But let us tell them this: Not in UKIP’s name, Tory Party. Anyone who has made this country their home by legal means and has contributed to our society remains welcome.

But the current age of uncontrolled mass-immigration must come to an end. And we are the only party putting forward rational solutions.

UKIP’s proposals for a selective and limited Australian style points-based immigration system are already famous. And do you know what? The powers that be are now starting to listen to us. Earlier this week the government’s Migration Advisory Committee published a report on the impact of EU settlement into this country.

Can you guess what their main conclusion was?

“We believe the UK should focus on enabling higher-skilled migration coupled with a more restrictive policy on lower-skilled migration in the design of its post-Brexit system.”

Principally, we should welcome skilled workers earning more than £30,000 a year.  We ought to be demanding that they pay UKIP royalties for that. And with this in mind, let’s consider what the CBI had to say about their findings:

“Retaining the £30,000 salary threshold would block many essential workers from coming to the UK. Similarly, plans outlined for low-skilled workers are inadequate, and risk damaging labour shortages.”

If those multinational corporatists are unhappy with the proposals then they are certainly on the right track. Of course, their report wasn’t perfect.

  • They found no evidence that migration has reduced the quality of healthcare
  • No evidence that migration has reduced parental choice in schools
  • No evidence that migration has any effect on crime rates
  • No evidence that it’s affecting access to social housing

Well, they obviously weren’t looking hard enough. So let’s see if we can help them.

The Climate Alarmists will tell you that our small islands are at risk from rising sea levels. We’re more at risk of sinking from rising population levels. The government says that we need to build 300,000 new homes a year to cope with the housing crisis. But Heriot-Watt University reckons England has a backlog of 3.91 million homes, and we actually need 340,000 new homes to be built each year until 2031.

And yes – we must build them. Because it is totally unacceptable that as immigration has bloomed so has rough sleeping and it is shameful that 100,000 households will be in temporary accommodation by 2020.

But such a building programme must not go on forever. We could cover ever more of our country with concrete in order to accommodate these guests that none of the long-term residents have invited. And if we don’t, then we’ll be accused of NIMBYism.

So what! We’re fond of our green and pleasant land and want to keep it that way.

What of education? The Local Government Association says there will not be enough secondary places for children in 71 of England’s 152 local authorities by 2023. That will leave 134,000 children without a school to go to.

Is our health service likely to face further strain? What do you think? NHS England’s GP Forward View programme says that by 2021 we will need 5,000 more doctors and an extra £2.4billion each year.

As for a correlation between crime and recent immigration levels? Well, there are very few studies on this because comprehensive records are not kept by the police or Crown Prosecution Service. And – to be fair – that’s not actually their job.

But we can say this:

Bombs at pop concerts – knife rampagers in our cities – using cars as weapons are not a price worth paying for the “benefits” of open door immigration!

What will UKIP do about it?

  • Temporary immigration for workers on work permits and students will be both strictly controlled and time-limited.
  • We will develop the UK Border Force into a Migration Control Department directly responsible to a Minister.
  • Migrants will not be able to claim public housing or benefits until they have been a tax paying resident in UK for a continuous five years.
  • Workers on permits and students will be expected to possess private health insurance as a condition of entry to the UK.
  • And we will rescind the UK’s assent to the Barcelona Declaration (1995) and the Marrakesh Declaration (2018). Both of these documents pave the way for yet more uncontrolled and unlimited immigration from Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

The Marrakesh Declaration was signed by 28 European countries on 4th May this year., including Theresa May on our behalf. You’ve never even heard of it have you? Here’s a taste of what it’s about. EU migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos has praised the declaration. Its purpose is to:

“Facilitate  orderly, safe, regular  and responsible migration  and mobility of people. . .

Maximise the positive impact of regular migration for development

Promote  regular migration  and mobility, especially of  young people and women, between Europe and North, West and Central Africa, and within these regions

Promote   the integration   of refugees and  forcibly displaced persons   through the establishment of awareness-raising campaigns aimed, on the one hand, at local communities and on the  other hand, at refugees and asylum seekers, covering their rights and obligations in host countries.

Is it a good thing?

French President Emmanuel Macron thinks so. He has observed that Europe is entering an age of “unprecedented” mass migration and that the continent “has its destiny bound with Africa”.

Perhaps you agree with President Macron. Alternatively, you might agree with the Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó. He has said:

“We will not be complicit in this and will firmly challenge the European intention to change the composition of the continent’s population,”

It is, he says: “selling out the continent’s culture and security”.

And it’s going to go further. Because even the dastardly United Nations is involved. Their International Organization for Migration has called for a global free movement whereby mass migration is institutionalised and “managed” – not stopped.

Yet, there has to come a point where we say: Enough. And that time is now. The people of Britain, the people of Europe and the people of the West have never been asked if they want their countries to look like the Arrivals Lounge at Heathrow Airport.

Take it from us. They don’t.

Thus endeth the lesson.



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