When I go to the supermarket for the family shop,  or fill up the car, or go for a meal out and spend money I can pay by cash – the good old fashioned way – or pay via card.  The same amount.  Yet if I pay by card up to 2% of the bill goes to the card company, be it Maestro, Visa, Delta or other.  Surely if I pay in cold hard cash I should pay less.  After all I am not using the debit/credit card service, so why should I pay the same amount.  Doesn’t sound much does it?  2%.  Why am I getting all bent out of shape about the supermarkets, garages, restaurant chains all taking a measly 2% for themselves?

The ONS estimates that each family pays £25,000 a year in running costs.

That means that up to five hundred pounds a year is being added to our bills for a service that is not necessarily being used.  I would be very happy to be given the choice, £100 for my shopping using my card or £98 using cash.  I know which one that I would prefer.

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