When Theresa May informed us that she wanted to have a ‘deep meaningful relationship’ with the European Union after Brexit, she uttered words that will probably go down in history alongside those of Neville Chamberlain and ‘peace in our time.’ I’ll explain why.

There was an interesting article in The Telegraph with the title:

“British conductor sacked by US music festival after ‘innocent’ joke with his African-American friend was labelled racist”

We’ve now arrived at a situation where an internationally renowned musician can be dismissed from his job because some useful idiot heard him having a joke with an old friend.  This is reminiscent of  Nazi Germany or the Communist USSR where people were afraid to speak their mind for fear of ending up in a concentration camp or Gulag: the walls had ears.

As I said in my recent article ‘Spot the Nazis’, Political Correctness is about as totalitarian as it gets. When we take a look at a few of the fanatical globalists that are behind Political Correctness, there are some very dodgy CVs.

Starting with George Soros. Although Soros is Jewish according to many sources, Soros was a Nazi collaborator.

“Phil Butler, who writes for Journal-neo.org, describes Gyorgy’s activities in 1944 and 1945: “. . .teenage Gyorgy sold out his fellow Jews to Nazis [and] helped steal and catalogue their property, while Hitler’s denizens shipped nearly a half million Hungarian Jews who were sent to death camps.”

Soros, according to an article on Zerohedge with the title: “George Soros And The Politics Of Hope And Hate”  is using his Open Society Foundation to stir up racial discontent and cause anti-white hatred.

Closer to home, there’s nothing to stoke up anti-white hatred more than bombing the crap out of people for twenty odd years, which is exactly what Tony Blair initiated. We can certainly add a war criminal to our list of usual suspects.

Angela Merkel, according to many sources (e.g. here), is still heavily influenced politically by her communist upbringing. Given her recent actions, letting tens of thousands of potential Jihadis into Europe, she seems to be playing the same race games as Soros.

José Manuel Durão Barroso, 11th President of the European Commission had his political roots in Maoism a kind of Chinese Communism. And so the list goes on, but it’s far too exhaustive to carry on here and I haven’t even mentioned Corbyn yet.

Interestingly, Wikipedia has an article “Comparison of Nazism and Stalinism”. Given the varied nature of the motley crew that we’re up against and their Totalitarian nature, this makes interesting reading.

Certainly these regimes liked to preach lofty sounding ideals like; Social Justice (where have we heard that before), classless society and equality. I suppose today we could include ‘tolerance.’ Certainly genocide (as we all know) was on the agenda.

If our situation weren’t so dire, multiculturalism would be a laughable concept. Cultures that have developed over thousands of years are within less than a human lifetime expected to be extinguished. What is happening in reality is that we’re living in a pressure cooker and soon the lid will blow off.

Certainly the idea that we can absorb quite so much of the Third World and its runaway population on such a tiny island at an exponentially growing rate is ridiculous. It is becoming increasingly apparent that we’re being attacked. White Genocide is real. There is an interesting video here that illustrates this: “White Genocide – Immigration & Assimilation”.

In my last article, I suggested that there were disturbing parallels between our situation now and the last World War. The globalist phenomenon, while being indeed global as with the last World War, for us our most important battle front was with Europe and so it will be this time with the EU, the prototype for globalisation. This is an organisation that is using the techniques and methods of some of the most ruthless and evil Totalitarian regimes in history. I would even go so far as to say that it is the most evil regime or at least part of the most evil regime that the world has ever seen.

While our present situation has been brought about by stealth and subterfuge, like any military operation there comes a time when things go noisy, when the bombs and bullets fly. The EU in recent years has been driving hard for a pan-European army, my guess is that if they get it no country will leave the EU peacefully.

I’m very sure that the EU will never accept our independence. One day, if we’re not careful, we’ll be facing a European-wide Nazi army; we’ll be wondering whatever happened to the decades since the last world war.

Last year,  we won a referendum on our continuing membership of the EU and we voted to leave – but we’re still members, until the day we totally leave, a referendum is all we’ve won.

After the referendum, the media encouraged the notion that UKIP’s job was done, it had no further relevance, nothing could be further from the truth and this brings me to another point. Here is an interesting article: “Nazi Propaganda and Censorship”. It explains another piece of the puzzle. It explains the dumbing down of our Mainstream Media and the propaganda we face from Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general, another method of Totalitarian regimes.

I really don’t rate Theresa May’s chances of having a ‘deep meaningful relationship with these people!

I hope I have managed to highlight the continuing need for a strong UKIP with a strong leader, the vague ramblings we’ve had since the referendum and Nigel’s departure just will not do, the job is nowhere near done. Some of you may think I’m being overly dramatic, but better that than let our country, its once proud culture and way of life sink without a trace underneath another wave of genocide.


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