Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane …

No, not back to the Signing of the Magna Carta, which is celebrated this year by those who’ve been busily slicing away our liberties going back to that document. No, let’s look back only to May last year, when reports surfaced about so-called ‘Trojan Horse’ plots, where state schools were promoting aggressively Islamic values, down to gender segregation. The warning came from the National Association of Head Teachers – not exactly a scare-mongering, anti-establishment association.

In those faraway days, Michael Gove was still Education Secretary. Before he was ousted, sorry, before Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle, he demanded that ‘British values’ be taught in all schools, and that Ofsted, the school inspectorate, must as a matter of urgency inspect schools to see that they do teach these values and to root out such ‘Trojan Horse’ schools.

So Ofsted set out to do just that, under the firm guidance (sorry, that’s irony …) of the new Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan.

Now the results are coming in thick and fast – and which schools are being admonished and even closed for not teaching ‘British values’? Will you be surprised to read that it is Christian schools who are deemed to be ‘failing’ in that respect?

The latest example is a Free Christian School in Durham. One twelve year-old boy mentioned the ‘T’-word when asked what he knew about Muslims – so the Ofsted inspectors decided that the school promoted bigotry, and Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary, withdrew all funding for that school. It will now have to close this Easter. Do read about it here and here .

We surely should ask how it is possible that a school praised by Michael Gove in 2013 has become so unacceptable in 2014 that it must be closed! Perhaps we don’t need to look any further than the interpretation used by the Ofsted inspectors themselves, who say for example that  “‘Leaders are failing to prepare students for life in modern Britain. Some students hold discriminatory views of other people who have different faiths, values or beliefs from themselves.”

In other words – pupils must be taught that “British Values” means to disregard what they hear and see in the news, that they must ‘embrace’ diversity even if there is nothing ‘diverse’ in the communities they live in, i.e. the rural communities in Durham or Dorset, where a school was deemed to be failing because it was ‘hideously white’, to use a phrase coined by a former BBC Director General, and never mind that in those villages there are no actual, live ‘diverse’, multi-culti communities.

In an especially interesting twist, we learned last year that a school in Tower Hamlets was condemned by Ofsted inspectors. It is officially a Church of England School, which was found to operate according to strict Islamic rules . Before you nod and say that obviously Ofsted is being even-handed, please ask yourselves how it is possible for a Church of England School – which was praised for its achievements in previous years – to bend over so far that islamic studies are offered, but not Christian ones?

Did previous inspections fail to notice this?

Or did they notice and failed to admonish the school?

If so – why?

Perhaps the example of the Durham School shows the reason. School inspectors seem to promote ‘diversity’ above everything else. For them, ‘British Values’ means multi-culti. It means that our Judaeo-Christian heritage and values are not really British any longer, and should not be taught, while for the sake of diversity, it must be drummed into all our children to respect Islamic values at all costs.

Perhaps it is now clear why the establishment tried so hard to smear and silence Nigel Farage when he pointed out recently that our culture is based on those Judaeo-Christian values, from the signing of the Magna Carta onwards which is celebrated this year by the usual suspects.

These usual suspects are the same people who would rather we all embraced a culture which disregards and suppresses exactly those values which we hold so dear – from Freedom of Speech to the Freedom and Liberties of the individual, be it that of women or that of homosexuals.

Perhaps it is now clear how important it is that we work flat out to change this pernicious attitude in Westminster which gives us an Education Secretary who sees nothing wrong to condemning a school because of one answer of one twelve-year old boy to one question, whose answer may have just reflected things he saw on “The News”.

After all, ISIS, Charlie Hebdo and all that, which is reported in those News, must not be allowed to tarnish the lovely image of the religion of the permanently offended, as a certain Pat Condell loves to describe them.

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