Below we publish the comment and the answers by our correspondent Roger Arthur, on a questionnaire sent him by ‘38 Degrees’, the petitions website.

I’ve been warning people about signing “38 Degrees” and “” petitions for some time because they ‘harvest’ the emails of the petitions’ signatories and then pepper them with e.g. a questionnaire such as the one we publish below.

While the Parliamentary Petitions set-up leaves a lot to desire, at least there is a chance these petition will be addressed by government. Petitions of the two organisations are not addressed by government. They are nothing more than a propaganda tool for mostly Lefty policies, with the bonus of certain organisations getting the email addresses of ‘interested’ future clients.

This is the request sent to Roger Arthur:


“Roger, please can you share what you think about Brexit? Your answers will help shape what 38 Degrees does about Brexit in the next few months.

Please will you take this quick survey about what 38 Degrees should do on Brexit? It only has seven questions and shouldn’t take longer than four minutes.

Right now, it’s hard to know exactly what Brexit will look like. But one thing’s for certain: the decisions made in the next few months will shape our country forever.

38 Degrees-ers live all over the UK. We all have different backgrounds and different ideas. Not all 38 Degrees-ers voted the same way in the EU referendum. One of the best things about 38 Degrees is that we work together to decide what to campaign on.

None of us know how Brexit will turn out in the end. But no matter what happens, together we’ll work in our millions to make sure it’s as people-powered as possible.

So, Roger, will you take the survey and let us know your thoughts on Brexit?

Thanks for being involved,

Maggie, Molly, Laura and the 38 Degrees team”

These are Roger’s answers – one hopes they may educate some of the ’38 Degrees Team’:


  1.  Van Rompuy told us that the era of the NATION STATE IS OVER.
  2. Jean Monnet said that “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super state without people understanding what is happening.
  3. Jacques Delors said We are not here to make a single market – that doesn’t interest me – but to make a Political Union”.
  4. Valery Giscard D’Estaing in drafting the EU Constitution, said “Public opinion will be led – without knowing it – to adopt the policies we would never dare present to them directly.”
  5. We decide on something leave it lying around and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step, until there is no turning back.” Juncker.
  6. There can be NO DEMOCRATIC CHOICE against the European Treaties..” Juncker.
  7. The EU intends ultimately to control every country on the Western Flank of Russia. If the public doesn’t want it then WE DO IT ANYWAY.” Van Rompuy.
  8. Barroso promised to move further “towards a federation of nation states and a POLITICAL UNION….. with a coherent foreign and defence policy.”
  9. The British through their Referendum) have VIOLATED THE RULES.  It is not EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate. Shultz
  10. This tyrant certainly ain’t fake news. Just watch his lips:

They will only reform towards ever closer Fiscal, Political and Military union. Their answer to every problem is more EU.


Roger comments:

Sadly I believe that 38 deg is working against the will of the 408 (62.8%) constituencies which voted to leave, which would leave us under the rule of tyrants such are those below. Why would anyone vote for the era of our nation state to be over?


Indeed – and I would add that the answers to this particular questionnaire, suitably selected, will find it’s way to the various Remain groups to fuel their campaign for a Second Referendum. ‘Leave’ answers will be discarded, I suspect.

Therefore, I reiterate my warning: be careful where you sign petitions!




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