Chris Knowles’ excellent article “How UKIP Can Win The 2015 Election Under First Past The Post” has generated a lot of interest, so in my rather limited picture editing software (um, MS-Paint) I have produced a picture that speaks a 1000 words, I hope.

I am sure that some graphics guru could jazz it up, but I do believe it sums up Chris’ whole article. The LibLabCon party (and they almost are as one nowadays) have three wings and essentially they all want the same thing – the United States of Europe. On that theme, in fact, Trevor Colman (recently retired UKIP MEP) has made an excellent film “Betrayed” which can be viewed on Youtube.

If you haven’t read it already, please read Chris’ article as it is very well thought out, and gives us all some ideas on how to campaign for the General Election in 2015


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