Editor: We wonder if a member of Plaid Cymru, looking at the latest opinion poll figures and EU Referendum polls, might write something like this to the leadership of their party”

Would they spin in their grave? Saunders Lewis, David John Williams, Lewis Valentine, Gwynfor Evans and the great 609 that voted for Plaid Cymru in the 1929 elections.  In 1925 ‘our’ forefathers had a vision for a free Wales, a Country that could stand on its own, devolved properly from Westminster and one that could trade freely with Europe and other Nations.  In Europe but not owned by Europe! Here’s the original.

1925. To secure independence for Wales in Europe. To ensure economic prosperity, social justice and the health of the natural environment, based on decentralist socialism. To build a national community based on equal citizenship, respect for different traditions and cultures and the equal worth of all individuals, whatever their race, nationality, gender, colour, creed, sexuality, age, ability or social background. We demand that Wales be an equal, free and self-governing member of the Association of British Nations.  This is the status that is, in political terms, generally called Dominion Status which is enjoyed by the Dominions of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Union of South Africa and that was recently granted to the Irish Free State.

The 1925 objective was to secure ‘independence’ for Wales and the freedom to trade with Europe as well as other world Nations. To be in Europe, to trade with Europe but not be owned, governed & controlled by an unelected European Commission in Brussels.

Why did Plaid Cymru betray its founding fathers?

Following the Plaid Cymru new direction in September 2008 spurred by Elin Jones the then Welsh Assembly Minister for Rural Affairs and continuing with the current leadership of Leanne Woods, there is now a 100% commitment by Plaid Cymru to stay in the European Union under Brussels rule.  A lot of this is based on scaremongering, a myth of endemic farm and industrial failures without grants – a dying Wales without Europe.  What a load of pessimistic rubbish!  What next, the sky in Wales is falling!

Recently, according to Vivienne Redding, Deputy Commissioner of the European Union in Brussels, 75% to 85% of UK Laws are made by the EU and with many more to come. All our Welsh trading must go through Brussels and we are not allowed free to trade with other Nations. We pay in £53 million a day to the EU – that’s where the grant money comes from folks and we are already losing millions on the deal.

Unless we stand for our original constitution Wales will probably become a small County within Britain.  The United ‘Kingdom’ will be one of the United States of Europe ruled & governed by unelected Commissioners (Politicians) in Brussels. Now Plaid Cymru has changed by stealthily surrendering this Country to European control. Did you know that Plaid Cymru had rewritten the constitution?   Were you told?

The new Plaid Cymru has manipulated the 1925 original vision, betraying our founding fathers with smooth talk and snake oil. Why was the dream, the devotion and dedication of those who formed Plaid Cymru sacrilegiously undermined in 2008?  Plaid Cymru is still recognised as ‘the party of Wales for Wales’ with its excellent record for continuing the traditions of Wales, its language, its music and historical uniqueness.  But according to those sitting in the Cardiff corridors of power, a new Plaid vision has emerged. It is now a Party for Europe representing Wales.  Here’s the new constitution:

2014.To promote the constitutional advancement of Wales with a view to attaining independence within the European Union; To ensure economic prosperity, social justice and the health of the natural environment, based on decentralist socialism; To build a national community based on equal citizenship, respect for different traditions and cultures and the equal worth of all individuals, whatever their race, nationality, gender, colour, creed, sexuality, age, ability or social background; To create a bilingual society by promoting the revival of the Welsh language; To promote Wales’s contribution to the global community and to attain membership of the United Nations.

There can be no independence within the European Union. Well perhaps some token gestures to appease the peasants could follow. Wales has been under Westminster rule for years and now we are about to surrender to another even higher layer of governing bureaucracy and law making not even in the UK. Where did the 1925 vision go? When did we become a Nation afraid, a Nation of quitters, a Nation too scared to do the right thing because of entrapment in a world of grants, hand outs and corrupt politicians with their own agenda? A political and terminal disease has killed our drive for success and our National pride as a people.  Already we have lost our communities to Politicians, the Police have disappeared, the shops are closing, and we’ve sold the Royal Mail Post Office. We’ve sold our Railway and we‘ve sold our Gold. Our National Education System and our National Health Service are bankrupt, teetering on the edge heading for privatisation and the national debt is outrageous. Some people are even losing their bedrooms. Are we set to join Europe with cap in hand touching forelock and walking backwards bowing gracefully to the suits in Brussels?

Our Politicians, with the exception of the forward thinking ones want us to throw in the towel, submit to our new European superiors or suffer the consequences of poverty, ruin, deserted farms, disease, pestilence, more wars and mass immigration – so they say!  Where did the 1925 pride go? Didn’t we once fight for freedom and thousands died. The vision, the devotion, the idea of ownership and pride – what happened?  Wales has been going downhill for years now, dying, and all these Politicians can think of is giving up. Perhaps they’re looking at better career opportunities for themselves and carrying on with their Political career, more European second homes in Brussels and huge expenses.  I mean look at the Kinnockians.

Let’s cut out the cancer and resuscitate Wales.

Keep to the 1925 original Plaid Cymru Constitution and let’s trade freely, keep our farmers and build them up again with a financial plan and dedicated Government support in production, sales and marketing. Stop giving away so much money to Europe, (£11.5 Billion a year to Foreign Aid) and stop thinking like quitters. Winners never quit.  Quitters never win.


 Perhaps what Plaid Cymru should do is to take a closer look at UKIP?

Photo by LlGC ~ NLW

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