Have you heard a convincing argument for remaining in the EU yet? Forget convincing. Have you heard a valid argument for remaining in the EU? I’m yet to hear one. There’s a lot of noise emanating from the usual pro-EU suspects, but all of it, all of it, can be boiled down to half-truths, scaremongering or simply attributing benefits to our EU membership that aren’t in fact dependent on EU membership at all.

One “argument’ that pops up regularly is the claim that leaving the EU would be a “leap in the dark”. There is no detailed plan for what would happen after we vote to Leave, claim the “in at any cost’ brigade. I think we can file that one under “scaremongering”.

We will leave to one side the fact that there is no plan for what Britain will look like after another 5, 10 or 20 years of  EU membership. We will simply observe that there is no vote for the status quo on the ballot paper, it’s either leave or continue handing control, power and money over to the EU in return for more laws, less democracy and more immigration. One might expect the pro-EU camp to have published a roadmap to full integration into an EU superstate, given that’s the option they’re trying to sell us.

It also ignores the fact that there are well researched, comprehensive “plans” as to what happens when we vote to leave. Here’s one, which won it’s author a prize (and appears to have cost him his job). There’s another one below, taken from Campaign for an Independent Britain:

These plans for Brexit are easily available if you’re willing to look. They may differ in matters of detail or timing, but they all represent a brighter future for Britain, a future that requires us all to vote leave as the first step.



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