I was interviewed on Ian Collin’s LBC show last Wednesday evening regarding Donald Trump’s comments that America should ban Muslims from entering the USA until further notice. Trump has been condemned, and a ridiculous on-line petition started demanding that he be refused entry to the UK.

What I said was that while it was hard to take seriously anyone with a hairstyle like that he nevertheless had a serious point.

I made a speech in the European Parliament in November in which I said that we should end “all mass-immigration from Islamic countries”.  For a similar reason that Trump gave.  We already have a serious problem with home-grown Islamic terrorists so why would be allow in millions more people from Islamic countries when we have no idea whether they are fundamentalist fanatics or not?

I think that we should end all mass-immigration anyway because as the first or second most densely populated country in the EU we simply cannot continue to absorb any more vast waves of people.

I think it is sad state of affairs that Trump is a serious contender for the American Presidency but to try and ban him from the UK for voicing an opinion, shows just how far the lunacy of political correctness and the new puritanism has taken hold.

I was interviewed along with Peter Tatchell who ended by making the point that ‘the extremists and terrorists are just a minority among Muslims’.  unfortunately I was not given the time to respond on that point.

If I had been then I would have said, quite right the majority are not the problem, but we don’t know who the minority are until it is too late to do anything about it.  Therefore to allow continued mass-immigration from Islamic countries is playing Russian roulette with the lives British and European citizens.

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