While visiting India as a young man, I had a very enjoyable time, staying at the Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur. A beautiful hotel and looking at their website, seems to have undergone substantial development since I was last there thirty years ago.

In those days, there was a driveway of white marble gravel, maybe over a mile long, unsigned and inconspicuous from the main road. One hot afternoon, I decided to have a walk into town. After walking for some hours, I was lost in a very rundown part of Jaipur, a vast area of poverty and squalor. I was attracting the attention of some locals that were following me. I managed to wave down a three wheeled tuk-tuk and asked the driver to take me to my hotel, despite it being within walking distance, he didn’t know where it was and had to go and ask.

Upon arrival at the driveway to the hotel, the driver seemed reluctant to enter, I assured him it would be OK to drop me at the hotel entrance: without thinking. When we arrived at the entrance to the hotel, I offered the driver some money, but it was like he was in a trance, he was staring at the white walls and the splendidly colourful doorman, standing to attention with a spear in his hand. Despite living within walking distance of this palace all his life, the driver had never been aware of its existence or even seen such splendour.

For the first time in my life, I realised the full significance of polarisation in a society, I felt awful and wished I’d taken the trouble to walk down the driveway. This was a poignant moment that has stayed in my memory all my life.

While living in Brazil, my wife and I had a cat, we loved and doted on this creature. She’d had cancer twice, requiring expensive treatment, her kidneys were dodgy and she required very expensive, special food. One day, while looking into the street at the beggars, I couldn’t help thinking that what we spent on this cat in one year was more than any of these people would earn in twenty years. This cat of ours, was better fed, received better medical treatment, had a better bed and more love and affection than many millions of people in this world.


The point I’m trying to make, is that it doesn’t matter where you live in the world, if you have money (not that I do), there’s always a Jai Mahal Palace, a private doctor or hospital and a nice restaurant.

I remember during the Greek debt crisis a few years ago, while the Greek people went hungry and had no medicine and painkillers, the Eurocrats and bankers had endless summits to discuss the matter at hotels like the Jai Mahal Palace. They enjoyed the finest surroundings, food and wine in a very secure and expensive environment. These are people that are never going to have to face the consequences of the decisions that they make over other peoples’ lives: they are globalists.

Globalists, would have you believe that uncontrolled immigration into our country is a positive thing, that is good for our economy: one of the biggest lies ever told. Immigration may suit the globalist agenda, but for most British people, it’s disaster. I’ve seen the world over what overpopulation does to a country, more people than their economy can feed educate, house and employ: polarisation.

We’ve seen the cost of living rocket, particularly food and housing, the essentials of life: at a time when most of our industry has been off-shored and immigration has lowered wages, making many native Brits unemployed. To believe that immigration is of any benefit to us is naïve and it is a lie that needs to be exposed. A lie being told by globalists that will never have to face the consequences of their actions and propaganda.

We’ve come to call these globalists: ‘The Elite,’ their claimed altruism is a lie, we’re being dragged down to third world level, as they rearrange the world to their liking. If globalists really wanted to help the Third World, there are much better ways to do it; the truth is, you can only help others from a position of strength. See my article: Surviving the human tsunami.

The EU’s José Manuel Durão Barroso has escaped to a very substantial property and comfortable retirement in Brazil: he’ll never face the consequences of his about to disastrously fail project. The world’s billionaires, politicians and businessmen, they aren’t stupid they know what’s coming, they’ve sold you out and now they’re bailing out. See this interesting article in The Guardian, it describes how the world’s wealthiest people are buying up chunks of the world’s most beautiful places to escape the consequences of their actions. I’m sure the treasonous politicians that sold us out will already have their bolt holes sorted and when they’re done will fly out to a very comfortable and early retirement.

To the great majority of us native British, we do not have the same easy global mobility as the politicians that got us into this mess, our country is all that we have. If UKIP collapses, we will be left with a globalist government with no opposition. I’m glad it’s time to invoke Article 50, because as another reader says, it has become a distraction. If we don’t have a party to represent the British people, all you are going to be left with, is an overpopulated, polarised and increasingly violent country, with little opportunity for the majority, while the people that got you into this mess, put their feet up in paradise. That is globalisation and I’ve seen it all before!




Photo by Örlygur Hnefill

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