Did you see the program “Police Under Pressure (Uneasy Peace)” on BBC2 this week? After reading an Article about it in The Telegraph I watched it on YouTube (as I don’t have a TV). I was absolutely shocked at what I saw.

A Pakistani community in Sheffield had received an influx of seven hundred Slovakian Roma (i.e. Gypsy) families. The Pakistanis were complaining bitterly about anti-social behaviour. The program showed large groups of men hanging around the streets until all hours, causing noise nuisance and intimidating the community. Another thread to the program showed groups of white youths making themselves unwelcome outside shops and a youth club.

The shocking aspect of the program was the attitude shown by the majority of the Police.

They complained about budget cuts, they complained about housing and they complained about youths having nowhere to go. What they didn’t complain about was criminality. In fact, they were at pains to explain away anti-social behaviour as cultural differences and due to social reasons. They  appeared to argue that what is considered anti-social here is normal elsewhere (presumably Slovakia) and implied that it should therefore be tolerated.

In fact, one of the few points where the Police appeared to be in danger of taking any effective action was when the word “racist” was mentioned (alleged against the Pakistani community) and they immediately started talking about gathering intelligence (Facebook monitoring was mentioned) and taking names of ringleaders.

Other that that, the Police’s actions appeared to be restricted to saying “please” a lot and herding people from the area in which they were causing trouble to other areas (presumably to cause trouble there instead) using curfews – which unfairly affect everyone, not just the troublemakers. I only saw one person thrown into the back of a van and that was because he assaulted an Officer.

Now, I’m aware that this was an edited TV program which may have just shown highlights that the producers chose. I’m also aware that the program was set in an area with a specific Roma problem, which does not apply nationwide.

However, even taking that into account, I can’t get over my shock at how ineffectual and riven with Political Correctness the Police have become. In fact, I didn’t feel that I was watching the Police at all – it was more like watching uniformed Social Workers.

How on earth did this happen? I’ve had very little personal contact with the Police and I suppose I had assumed that they, being concerned with defending the public against crime, would have been immune to the “crime is caused by poverty, presence of an R in the month blah blah” nonsense. I suppose that I should have known better, especially after seeing Paul Weston arrested for quoting Winston Churchill and Neil Phillips arrested for making a tasteless jokes about Nelson Mandela.

We need to understand this, because we need to know how we are going to reverse it. Some time within the next 10-15 years, UKIP will be forming a Government. We need to have a clear approach to this, preferably with input from experienced Police Officers (that’s Police Officers and not Social Workers).

Do we have anyone knowledgeable on the subject who could explain how this happened and how we fix it?

Photo by KC2192

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