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What is the first question asked when a baby is born?  What is the sex? Closely followed by how much does he or she weigh?  If it is that important at birth, at what point do parents decide that their child is no longer happy and would like to ‘help’ them change gender?  What influence do schools and the PC brigade have over this decision?  Bear in mind that the latest craze in the United States is ‘gender reveal’ parties, where the parents invite everyone over for a celebration to announce the gender of their, as yet, unborn child.  The reality is that no amount of PC dogma changes the fact that you are born male or female.  How you feel or want to feel, mixed with a dose of PC virtue, does not change basic biology.

I am truly thankful that my sons are a long way clear of the present educational system.  However, if I am lucky enough to have grandchildren, I am sure that I shall end up worrying about them going into this minefield of politically correct insanity.

If the champions of PC and the politicians who can’t wait to action their ideas, could only be prevailed upon to consider whether what they are proposing is a good idea and where it might lead.  A classic example is the rush to introduce gender neutrality into the armed forces as if being in the army, navy and air force is just like working in an office.  We are now seeing the very disturbing results of this total lack of realism among the political classes.  In October, five officers aboard HMS Vigilant, one of the four Vanguard submarines that form our round the clock nuclear defence, threatened to resign because their Captain and First Officer were both suspected of being in relationships with female personnel on board the vessel, which is strictly against regulations.  Both officers were relieved of their posts at the same time, a response that is apparently unprecedented.  It is hard to imagine a more dangerous place for a collapse in morale to occur than aboard such a critical part of our defences as a Vanguard submarine.  

According to Colonel Richard Kemp, former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan and former member of the Joint Intelligence Service and COBRA, affairs between the lower ranks are now commonplace.  In the two years to December 2016, 36 army, 15 RAF and 10 navy recruits became pregnant during basic training.  There is nothing new about any of this with no fewer than 100 servicewomen having to be evacuated from Iraq because they were pregnant, during the years after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.  One can only wonder at the expense in carrying out these evacuations and finding replacements, never mind the cost of the training that went into preparing the personnel who became pregnant on active service, for their missions.  A pregnant soldier, sailor or aircrew is a major loss to any unit and particularly so in these times of budget cuts, which have so weakened our armed forces.

When jealousies spring up because some members of a tight knit military team have started a relationship, against military regulations, the effect is disastrous to efficiency and morale.  The pressures of being posted abroad and involved in combat and other very stressful military situations are unique and it was madness to introduce PC into this volatile mix.  Military personnel are human and indulging in relationships is perhaps an inevitable consequence of dealing with such stress, when they are posted away from family and their partners.  This should have been properly considered before the politicians rushed to judgement on the matter.

It has become the norm for female police officers and forces personnel to be considered exactly the same as men and sent into the front line at riots and in war zones.  I would argue that an injury to woman’s face, particularly if it is permanent, is infinitely more devastating than it is to a man getting the same injury. Do we really think, as a society, that this inhumanity towards women is right?  That we should eradicate all the many ways that women and men are different?  Furthermore, do we honestly believe that a female POW captured in a battle is only as vulnerable as a male colleague captured at the same time?

While on the subject of the safety of women, I really do fear for them in our intolerant society as the PC agenda continues to hold sway over immigration policy.  Hundreds of thousands of men are allowed into the country who have completely different values and are from societies where women are viewed as little more than possessions.  One wonders why the gender balance of these new arrivals, in which men vastly out-number women, is never questioned by the PC brigade. Naturally, anyone who does raise concern about immigration is automatically labelled as ‘racist’.

Where does it all end.  I am beginning to suspect that the PC agenda, which I now think of as the new extremism, is leading us toward stamping out gender altogether as we see enforced conformity of clothing in schools through gender neutral uniforms and the removal of any language that distinguishes between the genders.  No thought is ever given to any of the dangers inherent in this policy.  Can any woman getting changed at a swimming pool today be absolutely sure that the individuals sharing the changing room are all women?  I assume trans-gender people can come and go as they please and what is to stop some pervert who wants to watch young women changing into their costumes, dressing up as a trans-gender female and taking up residence there?  Who would challenge them and risk being accused of some form of ‘ism’?

Ironically, much of the PC lobby claims that its actions are about protecting and nurturing diversity.  However, I would argue that they are becoming the enemies of diversity because of their abject failure to protect the best interests of the male and female genders and most particularly the safety of women in our society.  What is more precious than the diversity of men and women?  Their different skills, abilities and empathies complement each other and should be nurtured, not regarded as something alien and to be stamped out at all costs.

Make no mistake, we have to turn this around.  We must clean out the Augean stable of PC extremism that has so stained our country.  The alternative, if we do not, is to see our society dismantled piece by piece until we face an anarchy in which we will be unable to recognise the nation we live in or make any sense of its values.


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