One of my favourite spots in the world is in New Zealand: a place called Cable Bay, on the South Island, along the Tasman coast near Nelson. Cable Bay gets its name from the Trans-Tasman telegraph cable that once terminated in the telegraph office there.

The Trans-Tasman Telegraph cable revolutionised communications in New Zealand. It became possible to send a telegram via Australia, South East Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe to England, in only about three days. New Zealanders could contact their relatives in England and receive a reply in slightly under a week, amazing technology at the time.

Today, I could make the journey in person, there and back and beat that telegram by days. Modern technology allows us to talk in real time while seeing the other person free of charge and email is almost instantaneous. The point is, globalisation has been coming at an exponentially increasing rate for many decades, even centuries now. It was always inevitable that we’d get mixed up a bit.

Multiculturalism is talked about today as if it’s something new, but in reality the world has always been a multicultural place. What is really new is ‘politically enforced multiculturalism,’ enforced by globalist politicians. Globalism seemed great at first, didn’t it: we could follow the sun, buy holiday homes, escape taxes and generally enjoy the jet-set lifestyle. Unfortunately, reality is now starting to set in. I suppose it was only a question of time before governments would want to regain control, recover lost revenue and curtail our freedom.

I was talking to an Indian porter at a hotel recently. He was so grateful to escape India, he told me how the population was exploding, becoming unbearable, how grateful he was to find such a peaceful place to live … it won’t be peaceful for much longer. As I wrote in my article: ‘Surviving the human tsunami’, the population of the Third World is out of control, the flood of immigrants that are turning up on our shores in increasing numbers will not stop. For the Third World globalisation is a gift, an opportunity to escape the poverty stricken, overpopulated hell-holes that they’ve created for themselves and who can blame them, I certainly don’t.

As any economist will tell you, we humans are an animal that competes for scarce resources. In spite of our technological achievements, it seems to me we humans are all just animals fighting for survival in the jungle, we live in a finite world and our population is growing exponentially. The political globalists would have us believe that we’re selfish for our success, for the relatively civilised world we’ve created for ourselves. I have never believed this, it is for the naive and gullible.

The Optimum Population Theory represents current academic thinking on the ideal size of a country’s population. The trouble with this theory is that it is just that: an academic theory, subject to endless debate and argument. Politicians can take advantage of this. We’re likely to find out the hard way what the real number is. Certainly this theory defines what are the likely results of overpopulation:

“If the actual population is above the level of optimum population, there will be too many people to work efficiently and produce the maximum goods and the highest per capita income. As a result, the per capita income becomes poorer than before. This is the stage of overpopulation. In other words, if the per capita income is low due to too many people, the population under these circumstances would be overpopulation.”

I think you’ll agree then, that ‘overpopulation’ aptly describes much of the Third World, the population of which is desperate to escape to the West as they head into a humanitarian disaster. Although nobody seems quite sure what is an actual figure for population size for a group of countries like the United Kingdom, it seems likely that this figure has been reached, given the hundred of thousands of immigrants flooding in each year and their birth rates. If not,it soon will be.

Certainly we’ve been seeing the symptoms of overpopulation for some time. The government does a very good job of hiding real unemployment statistics. This is a subject I touched upon in one of my recent articles: ‘Facing Reality’. Then there’s the intolerable burden that immigration is placing on the Health and Social Services, housing and much more. Whom then is immigration supposed to be good for – apart from immigrants? Our politicians never stop reassuring us that immigration is good for us, it looks very much to me like this is just another political lie.

The EU created the Euro as a political rather than a sound economic construct. As the Greek debt crisis rumbled on, we watched as starving Greeks were deprived of healthcare, while the Eurocrats met every few weeks in luxury hotels to slap each other on the back, drinking the finest wines and eating the finest foods. The globalists don’t care how many people they hurt or how many lives they make a misery in pursuit of their crackpot schemes or the people that are still to be hurt as their experiments fail. Fail they will, the Euro is another political lie that is about to be exposed.

The Euro is an interesting case study, because it represents the tip of the iceberg, a farce that is about to be played out globally. I appreciate Zerohedge may not be to everybody’s taste, but here’s an interesting article, being the most current. Since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, trillions in various currencies have been printed, yet global economies are still very sluggish, it has achieved nothing.

The world was slowly getting more globalised, but we mustn’t confuse this with the politically motivated, politically correct globalisation that is being forced upon us. The world was already a multicultural place, it was best left alone. When the next financial crisis comes along and I think it’s imminent (perhaps early next year), we really will be just animals fighting for resources.

Racial tension is rapidly rising in our country, can you imagine what will happen when the bills can no longer be paid and resources are scarce? Racial tension will explode. In spite of our sophistication, we still live in a jungle where only the fittest survive, we’d be stupid to give away a country that we’ve fought so hard for, it is (or was) a tranquil refuge in a very violent jungle.

I’d like to elaborate on some of these points further, but I’ve run out of space, perhaps I’ll pick up some of the points later if anyone’s interested?



Photo by James Cridland

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