To look at the mainstream media, whether it be a newspaper or a TV news channel, it would be hard to imagine that there was a migrant crisis at all, let alone that it is getting worse. Similarly, the rape epidemic that hit Europe and the UK in recent times as a result of mass Islamic immigration also seems to have disappeared from the news. Control of the mainstream media for political purposes seems to have become total. I have to say at this point that I’m loathe to use the name ‘Islam’ because I have so many Muslim friends around the world that are clean living, hardworking, decent people, I’d prefer to use the word: ‘criminals’.

The reality is though that so-called refugees, of which only about 20% are genuine, are still flooding into Europe. The effect of this invasion on European countries has driven many Europeans to flight, according to an article at the Gatestone Institute.

This article also mentions that the continuing rape epidemic is actually getting worse. Many of these rapes are extremely brutal, almost beyond comprehension, but it is happening all over Europe and the UK, yet our politicians and mainstream media conspire to cover this up. Here is a video from the Gatestone Institute about the reality of the gang rape situation in Sweden. And of course, here in the UK we’ve all heard about Rotherham and the child rape epidemic that, far from being stopped, is spreading throughout the country.

It is ironic that the mainstream media go crazy when Donald Trump is found to have made a few lewd remarks, yet are happy to collude with politicians to cover up the rape crisis in Europe and the UK. While Donald Trump’s remarks may be regarded by some as distasteful, making such a fuss is ridiculous and just like blaming a compass for pointing North. What Donald Trump certainly is not guilty of is: with a dozen or so of his friends, brutally and repeatedly gang raping a woman, while beating her to a pulp and urinating on her (see this). I could quote or list hundreds of other examples but they can be looked up easily enough.

Donald Trump is a paragon of virtue compared to the cabal of globalist politicians that foisted this multicultural, politically correct hell upon us. Politicians ranging from Tony Blair, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Barack Obama and now Hillary Clinton (to name but a few): backed by George Soros and his masters in the international banking community. Every woman that gets brutally beaten and gang raped, every civilian that gets blown up and terrorised: their blood is on the hands of these evil people that pursue globalisation, not for any altruistic reason but for centralised power. It is ‘Political Rape’, or politically motivated rape and destruction. So what other crimes are these people guilty of?

In a series of articles by Jerry Robinson on FTM Daily, the main reason given for the Gulf Wars was the protection of the Petrodollar system by the US. Anybody from Hussein to Gaddafi to Assad that threaten to sell oil in any other currency than the US Dollar is demonised and then destroyed: along with tens of thousands of military and civilians. Interestingly, Putin has just made similar deals with China and so perhaps the real reason is emerging which explains the way that the world is strategically aligning itself for another World War.

The benefits of the Petrodollar to the US are that it increases global demand for US dollars, debt securities and enabling the US to buy oil with a currency it can print at will. This enables the US to keep increasing the supply of US dollars (printing) and thus keep America and the banking system going. It is interesting to note that since America gained its independence from the British, we’re not as independent as you may think. It’s because the same families that are heavily invested in the Bank of England are the same families that partly own the Federal Reserve.

The existing political establishment and their banking masters (the usual suspects) are the Vampire Squid that is sucking the life out of all of us, its tentacles slowly and surely expanding around the entire globe. In pursuit of its aims and objectives this squid doesn’t care how many people are raped, maimed, starved or killed.

“Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” (President George Washington)

The above quotation by Washington is an important one. It underlines the uneasy relationship between the American people and their government and the reason for the Second Amendment.

We hear so often: the Americans did this, the Americans did that … not Americans – the US government, the established political parties! I don’t know quite how Donald Trump will be as president, but Hillary Clinton has a track record and I’m sure she’d lead us into disaster. Voting for Donald Trump is an opportunity for the people of America to have a president that represents them and not the central banks. That in turn may improve the lot of people around the world.

According to an article at, Putin is said to be furious that the US government is refusing to observe the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and is refusing to allow Russian experts to monitor the US presidential election. Putin is convinced that Obama and Clinton are set to steal the election and is convinced that Trump is the last chance to prevent World War 3. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is stashing billions of dollars in Qatar and seems to have been on the take from the Islamic world for some time.

I make no apologies for using the alternative media for sources in this article (see for example this one). A lot of this material is very often more accurate than the controlled mainstream media and a picture is nevertheless starting to emerge.

Of one thing I’m sure, if the American people allow Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election, they’ll lose their country and the world will suffer,and it’ll be as destructive to the Islamic world as it is to all of the West and the East.

Photo by Chris Slothouber

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