The youth is split – perhaps not irreparably though. Libertarianism and socialism clash in the vast no-man’s land of what was the young Lib Dem vote and the politically ignorant masses dominate (and honestly, who can blame the youth for being ignorant of politics as it stands?).

I have, over my brief time as a UKIP and Young Independence member, noticed this great divide amongst us younger voters. Many of my peers see UKIP as the enemy within – a great horde of racists and fascists hell bent on installing Nigel Farage as our new Führer. This mind-set exists not because of ignorance, it exists because within younger circles these ideas go unchallenged – accepted as de facto. These ideas have for too long been left to ferment; aided by seemingly propagated rumours of polices regarding low income tax hikes and NHS privatisation – which upon a base level of scrutiny evaporate into hot air.

The very nature of this unnatural consensus must be challenged. Many people I speak with don’t know what libertarianism means, don’t know about the blatant desires of the European Union and don’t understand just how perilous the national financial situation is looking. Almost every young self-declared opponent of our people’s army is one debate away from questioning the ideals they espouse. This is not to say we are right and everyone else is wrong. No, no, no, most certainly not – however it is important to stress that no matter what shade of argument presents itself (be it blue, yellow, green or red) we must be clear and direct in our message.

Our independence from this union, and a policy of honest and strict financial responsibility is all that can bring us back from the edge of this cliff we find ourselves staring down. There are only two routes for the British peoples now, and the young must know this. It is now either a United States of Europe, founded upon debt, cronyism, non-democratic process and chronic over regulation, or a free and sovereign United Kingdom unfettered by restrictive supranational bodies, free to return to a global family we have been all too keen to abandon in pursuit of this European fantasy (our brothers and sisters in the Commonwealth) and we must be stalwart in our defence of personal liberty. Never concede defeat when we possess the power to change the political landscape for the better.

In addition, when debating, it might be nice to sneak in one of my favourite quotes by one of the most divisive figures in British political history, ol’ Maggie: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Whether you like the woman or not, it is still a poignant statement when you look to our – still climbing – national debt levels.

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