I am not a well bunny at the moment! Apart from having a fall in July which tore the ligament in my left shoulder and which was repaired about 6 weeks ago and is healing well but not there yet, the political situation is most upsetting.

The party I worked for and became approved as a Parliamentary candidate for is in limbo. The two prospective leaders both appear to want to move to the centre ground however that can be quantified, so they can somehow pick up support in the southern counties via Suzanne Evans or up north taking seats from Labour with the favourite Paul Nuttall.

Actually I like both the candidates but don’t want UKIP to become a party of the centre ground sandwiched between Labour right and the bulk of the Conservatives who also inhabit a just left of centre ground.

Being anti-establishment means rejecting the elitism or crony capitalism and global socialism including EU socialism. How strange that Social Democrats, and so called Liberals, and Greens, and so called Labour supporters of various allegiances all so strongly support a democratic decision when it goes their way but decry the voters who oppose them when it doesn’t.

Globalisation is a naturally occurring problem in all capital cities because of the trading and banking and corporate headquarters centred in each.  Clearly the politicians who inhabit those same regions become infected and coerced by the same desires of the elite they come into contact there.

It becomes more important to the politicians to support the commercial, banking and trading high fliers of the metropolis than the ‘ordinary people’ of their constituencies inhabiting the post industrial, rural & farming and fishing & coastal regions of the country.

The big cities and the capital cities are multicultural from basic wage earners and right up through to the high fliers, whereas the other areas see just ‘ordinary foreigners’ who speak their own language and bring with them an alien religion and often wear different clothes, making it impossible to integrate.

So where does this leave the people who voted to Leave the EU. Note I didn’t say Brexit because that is not a well defined abbreviation. Those who voted to Leave include Conservatives and Labour supporters as well as huge numbers of voters who have not had any policies they could engage with for decades. So Leave is not left or right – it is national identity and a belief in sovereignty.

We have recently seen the claims of Tony Blair and Sir John Major and their pressure group claiming that another referendum is required on the terms of ‘Brexit’ because the ‘ordinary people’ do not understand the danger of leaving the Single Market and they never voted for that.

Tony Blair was hated before for lying about weapons of mass destruction and sexing up a document from the security services. We all know about it and how he hoped to ape the success of Margaret Thatcher and her winning of the Falklands war. Both George W. Bush and Tony Blair hoped to be remembered for a decisive war won in Iraq. Unfortunately both were ignorant of the fact that to be remembered there has to be a successful legacy, what we now refer to as winning the peace, where they failed miserably.

Sir John Major clearly told the British people that the signing of the Maastricht Treaty was just a tidying-up exercise and would not change our relationship with the EU and wouldn’t affect our sovereignty.

He knew or was ignorant of the fact that the Maastricht Treaty changed many of the voting rights from unanimity (meaning everyone must agree) to qualified majority voting (which meant any simple majority would win).  This would mean that at a stroke many of the issues on which we held a veto would be out-voted. A massive loss of self-determination and loss of the ability to unilaterally choose what is in this nation’s interest. That is a massive loss of sovereignty. He knew it, and he lied.

A similar event occurred when Gordon Brown turned up late in Portugal to sign the Lisbon Treaty, again knowing he was signing away more powers of the UK Parliament while telling the people that it would not make any difference as we were already signatory to most of its contents anyway.

Theresa May is pushing for ‘Brexit’ and claims not to be deviating from her path of invoking Article 50 before the end of March 2017. To her though Brexit means Brexit, which is meaningless. Brexit is not a word you will find in the English dictionary unless you have one published this year.

Brexit to the Remainers is negotiable. To the Liberals, Greens, SNP, and Plaid Cymru it is not binding and needs a second try in case there are millions of people who made a mistake and really wanted to stay a member of the Single Market.


There are millions of Conservative, Labour, UKIP and uncommitted electors who voted to Leave the EU hoping for a clean break, for control of our borders, who don’t give a toss about the Single Market, who want our fishing back, who want to get rid of EU regulations, and want our laws made by those we elect.

They are left, right, left behind, ignored and generally pissed off with the establishment and want out. They want their country and its territorial waters back. They want to be listened to and want their communities to be assisted by acts of infrastructure investment so they aren’t left to wither.

What they don’t need or want is a centre ground of politics from UKIP.  Maybe it is time to introduce another option on the ballot paper, ‘none of the above’.

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