Why are they all so in favour of the European Union? Why are most of the Politicians, Big Businessmen, Placemen and Troughers telling us we must stay in the EU or else The Three Horsemen of The Apocalypse will come and strike our nation down, otherwise known as Project Fear? Let’s take a look at each group and see why.


Well, to be truthful, not all of them, but all of them who want to keep up any semblance of a career, given that the leaders of the four largest parties in Westminster are all committed to staying in the EU. Cameron, Corbyn, Farron (who?) and Sturgeon are all completely sold on it, so their loyal subjects had better be the same. Why are they sold on it? Well, to be honest, we don’t know, but we can guess – it’s good for their career, they can look forward to a nice job in Brussels or Big Business after they leave when the electors kick them out, as a reward for their loyalty to the cause.

Here’s just one example: Ed Davey, ejected from office by the electorate, the mad “Climate change” Liberal has a very nice job with MHP Communications, who have EDF as a client. Davey is the man who negotiated the Hinkley Point deal that committed us to the most expensive nuclear energy in the world, at £90 per Megawatt-Hour (that’s 9p per KWh, purchase price, they will flog to you and I for more and the cost of renewables will push the rate up more!) for which he got knighted in the New Year’s Honours List. And now we hear that EDF can’t afford the extortionate deal with the Chinese power station builder and wants to pull the rug from it. Davey is the man right in there selling the merits of this poor-value deal.

Thankfully, they’re not all EUphiles. There’s around 100 Tory MPs (mind you, how many of them are “spies in the camp”?) a handful of Labour MPs (Kate Hoey for one) and George Galloway who are for Brexit, but their careers seem to be severely limited now. And then a majority of Conservative Association Chairmen support Brexit, and probably more of their members.

Big Business

Why is Big Business pushing the Remain campaign so much? On the other hand, smaller business generally seeks Brexit, and it’s why John Longworth, former President of the British Chambers of Commerce had the sack arranged for him courtesy of David Cameron.

One reason for multinational Big Business to favour the evil empire, operating across Europe, is that they can arrange a nice sweet Corporation Tax deal with either Ireland or Luxembourg and legally avoid paying any Corporation Tax in the UK, assigning all the European earnings to the brass-plated address in either Dublin or Luxembourg City.

There’s another reason, that Roger Bootle has revealed in the Telegraph today. It seems they would be winners in us staying in the EU, especially if they export a lot to the EU. They would continue to benefit from the guaranteed free-trade area (which to be honest, if we left, we’d have to negotiate to secure again, although it’s highly likely we would get it) and the suppression of wages from allowing unchecked immigration of low-cost labour from Europe (and beyond under the EU’s “Human Rights” laws)

And who loses if we stay? We do, the consumers. Food prices are artificially inflated because of the EU, and our income would go down with the immigration. The food price issue has been known about for 40 years, ever since we joined. Here’s the words of Enoch Powell from a speech in 1976:

Above all, the consumer, the housewife – and among consumers, the poorer consumers, in whose budget food bulks largest – learnt that they had been deceived. They had been told that before Britain there stretched the prospect of a world of scarcity, a world of higher prices, a world that would no longer have a surplus to sell to Britain, and that they ought to be grateful to take refuge in the safety of Europe, where supplies would be safe and guaranteed and priced upon the whole at levels advantageous in comparison…

Listen to what the Consumers’ Association had to say not long ago “Butter in the E.E.C. is 270 per cent of the world market price, skimmed milk powder 330 per cent, beef around 200 per cent and wheat around 150 per cent”. I wonder how many electors would have voted Yes in 1975 if those figures had been before them then?


There aren’t many of them, but they are there in key positions, put there by the EU and worldwide organisations in order to help lock the UK into the EU. The most significant of them is Mark Carney, The Bank of England Governor. He’s a Canadian: what on earth is he doing in charge of the British equivalent of the Federal Reserve? And he is on the EU bandwagon, but thankfully being held to account, in a Parliament Select Committee, for his scaremongering.  Thank you, Jacob Rees-Mogg for going on the offensive with this charlatan.

He’s trying to build up the scare story about banks and other institutions leaving London if we leave the EU. Wasn’t the same story spread around about what would happen if we didn’t join the Euro? What happened? The City strengthened, became even more dominant over all the other European markets, because of our unique place in the world’s economy.


And the final category in the bunch of despicables: the troughers. Those who are subbed by the EU, like the BBC for example, but also a vast number of charities.  Here we have the unedifying spectacle of organisations like Friends of the Earth, Wildlife Trust and Greenpeace all backing Remain… only because it’s good for their income. Read on, the article tells us more including the fact that is illegal for them to back Remain! And, it would seem that the EU is not that beneficial to the causes they are supposed to represent.


What’s the common factor? GREED! Personal and Corporate, pure unadulterated greed. They are all in it for what they can get for themselves. Stuff what is good for country, let’s look after Number One. And, unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of gullible Brits who will take their advice.

The LEAVE campaign has got to get its act together. To put a positive case for leaving, to touch every voter in this country with their message, and to get the LEAVE vote out on 23rd June. It’s our nation’s final hope.

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