It was a somewhat vacuous video from Conservative Future that recently rung alarm bells.  Here was the future generation of Conservative Party activists at work and play to a modern musical accompaniment where the only intelligible words were ‘So here it is Merry Christmas, Everybody’s having fun’ from Slade’s Merry Xmas Everybody.  Amongst the festive merrymaking the video seemed to subtly trivialise what for many people is an event of considerable religious significance, namely the Christian celebration and festival of Christmas; it is more than just an opportunity for fun, to party or ‘shop ‘til you drop’.  The Season of Goodwill could also remind all of us that there is an alternative and better way than confrontation, division and violence which is all too common in this world; as the words of a cherished carol say:

Yet with the woes of sin and strife

The world has suffered long;

Beneath the angel-strain have rolled

Two thousand years of wrong;

And man, at war with man, hears not

The love-song which they bring;

O hush the noise, ye men of strife,

And hear the angels sing.

Sadly, trivialising one of the most significant traditions in our heritage could be just the tip of a deliberate or ignorant iceberg.  If we cannot see and respect something that represents the best in our humanity, what else can be trivialised, ignored and ultimately left to wither away?  So, for example, is Parliamentary democracy, national sovereignty, the rule of just, equitable law and even respect for honesty, knowledge, experience and most importantly people sacrosanct in a Conservative Future?  Or in Ed or Nick’s vision of the future?

The evidence is not encouraging.   Wherever you look the legacy political Establishment has for a long time been trivialising us, what we value and what we stand for. Just a couple of illustrations with personal resonance, John Major aided by Sir George Young ignored wiser counsel and the effects on countless lives to carry out what today we can see was a deeply flawed, traumatically hurried privatisation of the railways.   Today, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Mr Pickles, has powers to over-rule local planners and communities to blight town and country with unwanted developments and put increasing strain on people.

Recently Nigel Farage has talked about the need to do more to protect our Judeo Christian heritage to counter extremism and hatred.  It is an essential ingredient in our overall heritage including of freedom, democracy, social justice, rule of law, individuality, humanity and tolerance. The political Establishment’s trivialising of our heritage and us will not help to defend our civilised society.  Also, their ignorance and insensitivity could make matters worse as recently shown by Mr Pickles’ letter, supported by the Mr Cameron, to religious leaders in our Muslim community.  What was the Minister for Faith and his advisers thinking to initiate this patronising intervention? It only seems to make sense when seen from the perspective of a self-important, credit grabbing politician where people are treated as otherwise helpless trivialities?

If the future generation of Conservatives and other Establishment parties can’t or won’t stop trivialising our heritage and us who can?  UKIP, the strong grassroots party that begins with YOU!

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