Elizabeth Jones, UKIP candidate for Dartford, offers the second part of her investigation, which covers UKIP policies around the world. Part 1 is here.

Almost all supranational institutes, from the United Nations downwards, are spectacularly corrupt, bloated bodies of undeserved privilege which achieve very little. UKIP values NATO without any further expansion of its membership, a reformed Commonwealth and many bi-lateral and multi-lateral trade agreements and specific treaties and agreements.

But the international scene, especially overseas aid, is full of obscene financial waste, theft and corruption and is almost entirely anti-democratic. These challenges need to be addressed. The EU is the very worst example of these failures and abuses and as such, given it is essentially bankrupt without German and British financial support, it is indeed inherently flawed, like the old League of Nations, and doomed to fail.

UKIP would strengthen the UK militarily and be much more resistant to both Spanish deceptions and Argentine aggressions towards Gibraltar and the Falklands respectively.

UKIP would reinstate the UK onto the World Trade Organisation to negotiate her own trade agreements. UKIP would press NATO to stop its dangerous attempts to expand eastwards to the very borders of Russia.

UKIP would want to re-examine the UK’s relationship to the Arab world in light of the spread of the virulent Wahhabi doctrine by Saudi Arabia and the occurrence and spread of Islamofascist extremism throughout the world. This threatens internal stability even in the UK today so has become a factor in what should be the UK’s foreign policy, which is far too tolerant of this form of Islamist doctrine coming into the UK and infecting UK citizens.

UKIP does not believe there are any benefits in being forced to share foreign policy with other countries whose interests are against the UK. We would therefore want to leave the EU and the UK’s relationship with the EU would then automatically become part of our foreign policy, not the surrender of our national interests. We would need, for example, to address the return of our sovereign British waters for our own fishing fleets, and the immediate erection of the strongest possible border controls over immigration.

Napoleon taunted that Britain is a nation of shopkeepers.  Well, it was intended as an insult by a seriously egotistical Frenchman whom the British had to defeat militarily and imprison twice and who was a citizen of a country which we have twice had to go to war to liberate within the last 100 years at enormous sacrifice to British lives.

If there is anyone in the world who thinks the British are mere shopkeepers, let them continue to hold their thoughts to themselves, for they must be the biggest fools in this world.

Britain’s role in our world is quite considerable – we seem to get an enormous amount of visitors, both short-term tourists and those who want to come and live here permanently. Why do they all want to come to Britain, if we are so awful? London is one of the Big Three financial centres of the world along with New York and Tokyo.

As for British art and culture, for a country relatively small both in size and number and apparently only interested in running shops, it is little short of a miracle how much genius and perfection this country has produced – artistically, musically, culturally. The British are not people who like to boast about this however, so we are happy with the balance of things by and large, and Napoleon can think what he likes in his grave on St Helena.

Can you name us any French musical group or singer with worldwide international success in the last 70 years, we might ask. And what about British versions? Game, set and match to the English shopkeepers, we think.

Within the globalised world, you could mention the growth and success of Tata Steel in the UK. UKIP is proud of our Commonwealth of which India is a great part and commends Tata for its commercial success as a top player in the global steel market.

UKIP has nothing against Tata, India or global steel markets – as long as they are not rigged. UKIP appreciates the skills and work of countless Indian immigrants into the UK across all sorts of fields – medicine, technology, finance and of course, steel-making.

What we object to is a permanent right for 450 million people in the EU to come to the UK whenever they want, and by and large not make any contribution into the UK. Our prisons are full of EU citizens who should by law go back but won’t. Our hospitals, schools and social houses are equally full of these non-contributory people. Many of them have no skills, no English, and no interest in Britain other than to use us. No one in India would accept such a standing ‘right’ of everyone in Bangladesh, say, to come and settle in India whenever they felt like it.

Even more relevant, would anyone in Chile accept the ‘right’ of every single person in South America to come and stay in Chile whenever they wanted, free of charge for as long as they like and claim all Chilean welfare benefits – school health, housing, food?

We firmly extend the hand of friendship to all Chileans and would seek to support Chile’s sovereign independence and integrity at all levels, both bi-laterally and in the world’s supranational forums.

We welcome the established trade and cultural links between our two countries and would seek to further these whilst promoting British companies to seek opportunities to invest into Chile especially in infrastructure projects, technology, telecoms and the health and education sectors.

We would like to forge even stronger links between our two countries based on equitable partnership activities in the South Atlantic such as fishing, aviation and resource exploration, and seek mutually beneficial security guarantees to assist and strengthen this development.

The final part of Elizabeth Jones’ investigation will be published tomorrow.

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