A YouGov poll has shown that most of the general public are apathetic when it come to the European Union, not knowing exactly what the EU parliament is, when the elections are (84% don’t know), how many countries are in the European Union (80%), which countries they are (only 50% know that Turkey is not yet in the EU), or even when we joined (55%). Most can’t name who their MEP is that represents them (93%), they do not know how many MEPs the UK has (93%) (find out both here). Isn’t this proof that they either don’t realise what a threat the EU poses to UK democracy, through ignorance, or is it general apathy to something far off, they feel doesn’t affect them directly?

Many people couldn’t care one way or the other and can’t even be bothered to vote in the General Election, let alone some remote election that they think has no bearing on their lives and can’t understand its many institutions and that we have no or little influence in anyway. Until it hits them in the pocket and/or the face, they wont sit up and take notice. When that happens it will probably be too late. They are more interested in the latest gossip, or who did what in their favorite soap, or what the scoreline was at football.

When they do take their anger out, on unwanted EU interference, they may vote for an anti-EU party like UKIP as a protest and in the vain hope UKIP can block the avalanche of diktats and directives. Then in the General Election many revert back pro-EU parties like, Liberal, Labour and Tory.

The UK Government has become nothing more than a management team for EU policies and the sooner the general public understand that the better. Once you see past the facade of the media and what Westminster portrays, it becomes clear. It has all the trimmings of sovereignty, a Queen, the ceremonies, the buildings, traditions, even listed as “independent” in reference libraries, but little substance is left when the levers of power are nearly all in Brussels.

A little further down the road, in the future, when our military forces are handed over to the EU army as part of the Common Defence and Security Policy, it will be game, set and match.

At what point will the public see though this façade and react? Will it be:-

  • Europol replacing national police forces, or even Eurogendfor, a paramiltary police force?
  • or what about EU battlegroups (EUBG) stationed in every region?
  • or will it be the replacing of Crown courts with EU courts, (the EU Bill of Rights will take precedence)?
  • or when 100% of our laws and regs come from Brussels?
  • or maybe when all our embassies abroad are closed down, in favour of EU embassies (you’re already paying for the EU to promote itself through 140 embassies around the world, including 44 diplomats in Barbados. How long before British, French, Spanish embassies are closed down in favour of the local EU outpost?)
  • or when all public officials, MP’s and military staff swear an oath of allegience to the EU?
  • or when we lose our seat in the United Nations, G20, G8, etc?
  • or will it be when they say you are no longer allowed to fly the flag, unless it’s blue with a ring of yellow stars (as may soon be the case on our car license plates, under the drive for “harmonisation”)
  • or the EU flag is flying over Westminster palace (as it currently does over Essex Council HQ in Chelmsford.)
  • or your passport no longer mentions the United Kingdom on the front cover?
  • or spending euros, instead of pounds in the UK?
  • or when fiscal and taxation policy is decided in Brussels?
  • or whoever you vote into Westminster, can no longer make good on their promises, even if they want to, if they clash with EU policy?
  • or when regional assemblies in the UK are directly controlled from Brussels?
  • or told you are no longer allowed to drive your car, into certain areas, due to emission controls?
  • or drinking from a half litre glass, instead of a pint, in the pub?
  • or sitting in a darkened, cold room, in winter, because of Climate Change policies, that have closed most of the power stations, causing blackouts? Or when they have lost their job, due also to those climate change policies?
  • or when even more regulations  force smaller firms to close, with more job losses?
  • or when eurosceptics in the media are no longer to be found?
  • or when most of the people in your town speaks a different language?
  • or when political officers (Monnet professors) are in every school, college and University? (The EU spends more of our money on self promotion and propaganda than Coca-Cola, and as the EU says, “Particular attention should be given to young people and the education sector as a channel for helping people to learn about the European Union.”
  • or when unauthorised public assembly is banned?
  • or when the EU decides all the environmental policy and planning in your local area?
  • or when the BBC changes its name to the EUBC?
  • or the UK is listed on the CIA homepage as merely a“region of the United States of Europe”?

The list is endless and some people will never sit up and notice, mainly because these things are seemingly not  important to them, or maybe ideologically they feel it to be a great thing to be a part of Europe, above what is happening on “celebrity”, “Strictly” and “The Voice”. These small things are what define the country you live in though, national identity.  Without it what are you?

Most of these things haven’t happened yet, but are very possible. Just as important though, did anyone vote for what has passed already? I didn’t. I was not old enough to have voted in 1975, and not even they, that were old enough, voted for any of these things that have come to pass, either.

I’m not apathetic I’ve voted in every election possible since 18 and I’ll be Voting UKIP.

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