Editor’s note: This is part I of a three part series. Look out for part II, which will be published on UKIP Daily over the coming days.

So Theresa May is going to unveil a statue to Dame Millicent Fawcett, a suffragette who campaigned for Votes for Women in the early 1900s. Can there possibly be a more devious, hypocritical and deceitful woman than Theresa May? Whilst praising suffragettes who went through great hardship to earn women the vote, Theresa May is the face of the Conservative Party and their near 60 year secret campaign to deny not only UK women, but men as well, the vote by keeping the UK in the EU. Of all the daring acts committed by the suffragettes to achieve votes for women, the most tragic was that of Emily Davison. She tried to catch the reins of the King’s horse at the Epsom Derby on 4th June 1913. She was knocked over and died 4 days later. All in the cause of Votes for Women which was granted some 5 years later.

Emily Davison must be spinning in her grave at the action of female and male pro-EU MP’s and Lords who are campaigning to stay in the EU. This is because they are campaigning to lose their vote. Not just for their own vote, they are campaigning for everyone, including women, to lose their vote. What is the primary purpose of your vote? It is to hire and fire the government that makes your laws in Westminster. However, being in the EU completely denies you the opportunity to hire and fire your government as you are governed by unelected faceless bureaucrats and Commissioners in Brussels. The MEPs you vote to sit in the Brussels parliament do not make the EU’s laws. Our so called “MPs” in Westminster do not have any say in the laws being passed in Brussels as EU laws override UK laws and we are forced to accept them.

So, the pro-EU MPs, male and female, must totally and utterly despise all those who vote for them so as to lose their vote. Surely, if they are stupid enough to vote to lose their vote then they do not deserve a vote anyway? The pro-EU female MPs must surely therefore be traitors to their sex by denying women the chance to have a meaningful vote on their government! This is despite the long campaign by the women who so bravely fought for the vote, like Millicent Fawcett and Emily Davison, who gave her life for the cause. Not only the have MPs betrayed the suffragettes but the millions of men and women from Britain and the Commonwealth who gave their lives in world wars to keep Britain free and independent of foreign rule.

But pro-EU MPs must surely be traitors to their constituents as well! Why do they want them to have to pay up to £1,000/year extra on their household bills because of being in the EU’s customs union? Have they no sympathy for single mothers, the unemployed and the lowest paid workers in their constituencies and the country? Why make them all pay extra on their groceries because of EU imposed tariffs and also, make them give a percentage of the VAT we all have to pay direct to the EU? Why not give an extra £10 billion/year to the NHS, our armed forces, the police and fire services? No chance, as these MPs would rather throw that money away forever as net contributions to the EU budget. Clearly, their overriding mission to destroy the UK as an independent, sovereign and democratic nation and make the UK a vassal state of the EU completely overrides the political and economic costs involved.

Furthermore, they must also be traitors to their country. Not only have they, as MPs, made an oath of allegiance to the Queen whom they clearly do not recognise as the UK’s Head of State, they also want UK laws, trade and foreign policy amongst many other issues all to be dictated by foreigners in the EU. They must also want their constituents to be overwhelmed with immigrants from the 350 million in the EU who all have the legal right to live in the UK and for our fishing industry to be further decimated by EU fishing boats.




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