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Despite the early morning chatter in the shop, people, particularly people not being shielded from the economic east wind, are starting to become restive. Instead of waffle and procrastination from Boris and diktats from Hancock, what people want is some positive action.  It should be clear now to everyone who is not a devotee of the BBC and Sky News that these costly and illiberal restrictive measures to make us all ‘safe’ are not working. You can sell as much doom and gloom as you like, but unless people start to get some self-confidence and start to work for the common good again, the economy, and with it the living standards of the great unwashed or washed masses, are going to crash.

Now that may well be manageable for the middle income earners living in the leafy confines of Audi Avenue – that is while they still have their comfortable middle income job or pensions – but as sure as apples grow on trees, if you live on a sink estate in some large metropolitan area things are going to change fast and not for the better, and when I last looked, being not very bright, ‘well educated’ or poor through no fault of your own were not yet even, in the often smug confines  of middle England, a criminal offence.

It’s time for some Churchillian leadership and inspiring talk, not 21st Century politically-correct woke waffle.

You can waffle and wish as long as you want; you can continue to throw borrowed money at various people to keep them quiet, which will only work while the sun shines, and it’s not going to be shining here much longer particularly when the bills drop through the letter box.

My guess is the core of working people have had enough; they are the ones facing real problems, not some politician or talking head on breakfast TV.  How much have any of these people telling us what to do and not do, lost over the last few months?

MPs, most of whom have been out of view and silent for months discussing the provision of free meals  to school children, MPs who were given £10,000 to help at the start and have now, unbelievably, been awarded a pay rise, having the brass neck to tell people on low wages or universal credit that they must manage, the people who often live in areas of high unemployment and crime, who already face the vagaries of the NHS, the care system, housing – affordable or otherwise – poor educational and career prospects, the effects  of illegal and legal immigrants, multiculturalism and ageism.  Males over 50 have more chances of winning the lottery than getting gainful employment.

Mostly patriotic this year, they have seen all the things they believe were part of our heritage attacked and trashed.  The Cenotaph boarded up because of vandalism, today comes news that a war memorial statue of a first world war ‘Tommy’ has been decapitated.  If the police actually find the person responsible, how long will it be before the perpetrator is found to be the victim of something or suffering from some psychological condition?

Not to worry though.  At the taxpayer’s expense he or she will be ably represented in court by some legal eagle parroting a litany of excuses before the client is ‘handed’ a slapped wrist.

There has been virtually no comment from the liberal elite regarding these desecrations and attacks on our culture, sometimes by institutions that are paid for in full by the taxpayer, except to say they are aware of concerns and will be looking at a change in the law. Only now do we hear that the Charity Commission will be looking at the activities of the National Trust.

Our world-beating Track and Trace system, which cost £12bn, still isn’t working correctly with many refusing to use it. Who can blame them when we now find that records have hardly been used, are often inaccurate, only one person in 10 actually isolates as requested and that records are now available to police ‘on request’ so that they can enforce lockdown. Maybe it’s because so many tests have been shown to be false positives, whatever that may mean.

One could be excused for asking when this madness, which is poisoning relations between families, neighbours, the police, public and private sector workers, the well-off and the disadvantaged among us, is going to stop.

As I write this, some professor of something or other is reported as saying if people break the rules and visit family members this Christmas, they, according the Daily Mail report, ‘will catch Covid and die’.

Excuse me!  Is this not the same professor that broke the rules earlier this year, or was that somebody else with a similar job?  Let’s face it there are now so many professors of this and that advising the government and appearing on TV that it’s difficult, not only to keep up with the latest advice, but to work out just what these ‘experts’ and the new diktats are or where they apply.

It seems plain to me at least and perhaps you agree that this government and its ministers have collectively ‘lost the plot’.  They may have succeeded in terrifying the life out of some of the population, but as a visit to town will show, and listening to what people are saying and writing in social media, is that the vast majority of people no longer agree with or listen to what is being said or required of them and are quietly getting on with lives.

One irate cafe owner told me this morning how livid he was to find out that, having taken the time and trouble to record all customers’ details, and having the QS codes on display for ‘app’ users, the authorities have not been using any of the information.

Some vision and plain speaking is required by the Prime Minister and First Lord of the Admiralty. He’s fast losing the confidence of the country, despite what polling is saying.  People everywhere are getting tired of ‘it’s all for your own good’, ‘it’s to save the NHS’, ‘it’s to shield the vulnerable’. Well shield them.  The time for all that rhetoric is past, we know people are going to die, but the majority will, like the soldiers that ran up beaches in France in June 1944, survive.

Most of them, unlike us, were not there by choice and were under no illusion as to the danger they were in and to their lasting and unforgettable credit they just got on with it and did their job.

As for the many people cowering behind masks and curtains, snitching on neighbours while avoiding life altogether, they should be reminded of Benjamin Franklin’s words: ‘’Those that give up liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Or if that is not plain enough, I took this line from a Word War Two movie, when one soldier, obviously terrified, shouted out: “I don’t want to die”, only to be met by the rejoinder: “Neither do I mate, but you may have to.  Now shut up; I’m trying to get some sleep!”

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