On December 19th, the Electoral College will congregate and cast their votes – for President Elect Trump. If, that is, the Anti-Trumpists, the Clintonians, the MSM and the establishment cannot prevent it. And by God, they are trying

They’ve come out, all guns blazing, from luvvies to ‘really serious’ allegations on various TV shows, to academics. In comparison, our home-grown Remoaniacs with their lawsuits and the EU ‘Top negotiators’ with their threats are like toddlers playing in their sandbox.

But in this time of Peak Stupid, this time of “Fake News” and “Post-truth” politics, one unbeatable argument has now been worked out and is hammered home: it woz Putin wot did it!

Brexit won because Putin did it, Trump won because Putin did it, Madame Merkel may lose because Putin is already doing it – and if you don’t believe that, you must be a paid Putin-Troll and nobody needs to listen to you.

That might be funny, we might laugh about this and regard it as the now seemingly obligatory way the losers try to overturn democratic decisions which didn’t go their way, using every means possible, from demos to lawsuits, were politicians across the West not falling over themselves to legislate against ‘fake news’.

Let’s look at this in more detail, using the post-election happenings in the USA as examples where we can discern two strands used by the establishment and their willing helpers in the MSM. That means the international MSM, because their modus operandi, copying from each other, is so obvious: if the BBC says it, it’s true – and all papers use what the BBC says without checking if the BBC did in fact report truthfully. The New York Times reports something, the BBC copies it, so everybody can now use that without checking if the NYT was actually, factually correct. But then, we’re living in post-factual, post-truth times, so if it ‘feels’ right, it must be right! Forget actual facts, they don’t matter, you [insert label of your choice: bigot, islamophobe, racist or xenophobe]! In this post-truth world, if you are for peace, as Paul Craig Roberts writes here, you must be a Putin-troll.

Thus we have:

  • ‘Clinton lost because of ‘fake news’ – all those horrid alt-right blogs, they need to be made illegal, somehow, and never mind Free Speech!
  • ‘Clinton lost because of vote manipulations’ – let’s have recounts but better not look too hard for Dem vote fraud, instead look for alt-right Putin trolls!
  • ‘Clinton lost because of Russian hackers …’ – did they hack the voting machines? No. Did they hack her e-mails? No evidence – but if they didn’t they still could’ve, and then they gave the e-mails to all those nasty alt-right blogs and news sites, so that’s fake news already! And never mind that the content of those e-mails show actual criminal behaviour!

People informing themselves from sites other than the MSM? And then voting on that information? That cannot be allowed!

The really hilarious aspect is that the cry of ‘fake news’ by the establishment and their MSM has been turned against them – not by those nasty alt-righters but by readers across the Western world who, in comments page after comments page, point out that it’s these pillars of a free society, the MSM, who publish Fake News day after day. The reports these last days on Syria are the prime example. Do watch this video, from an independent Canadian journalist.

Parliaments and the EU are taking steps to force social media providers to delete ‘fake news’ – and we can now see why: the ‘fake news’ the establishment wants to eradicate are the real news which run counter to the actual Fake News the governments and their MSM want and need to propagate. And why, you might ask, do they need to propagate their Fake News?

Because – and this is the second strand – we are slowly being prepared to accept that ‘military intervention’ is needed to ‘save the free world’ from Putin. Not one day goes by without an article or ‘report’ in our MSM warning of Russian aggression. Thus, we must be prepared, emotionally, to accept that war might be ‘inevitable’ … shades of 1914 … and war with Russia is being listed as one of the top threats in 2017 by the Council on Foreign Relations.

The cognitive dissonance in the heads of the establishment and MSM is staggering. We had wall-to-wall reporting on “the Fall of Aleppo”. We had a Parliamentary debate about the ‘humanitarian meltdown’ in Aleppo, we even had a wail-feast about this at the UN. Do these people, who believe that we must fight Russia, actually think further than their own noses? Do they really believe that a war against Russia will happen with no violence, no destruction, no loss of lives – because “we” only throw cotton balls and the Russians will immediately roll over?

It would seem so, because they regard themselves as the peak virtue signallers (you can’t be more ‘peak’ than being an UN Ambassador!) and surely the Russians must give up in the face of that, just as surely as crying about the victories of those nasty, old, white, poor, ignorant people on June 23rd and Nov 8th must make those victories null and void. In their post-truth world, where only emotions matter, surely these virtue-signallers par excellence must be the winners! After all, they only lost because of the Russians – so the Russians must be punished.

Meanwhile, TPTB (the powers that be) prepare for real war. A friend with connections to the Army told me that everyone knew that war in Iraq was coming long before it actually happened because they’d already trained for months for desert war. At present, he told me, the Armed Forces have been training for war in a European theatre – remember the report about old Russian tanks being used on Salisbury Plains? Draw your own conclusions.

At the end of 2016, the outlook is bleak: the US establishment tries to scupper the Inauguration of Donald Trump because he is not going to give the war planners a free hand. The establishment everywhere is trying to silence opposing voices by declaring them purveyors of ‘fake news’, elevating the actual Fake News propagated by the MSM to ‘truth’, or rather ‘post- truth’, fuelling the emotions on which to base their ‘unavoidable’ decisions for real war.

If war is stupid, then war because “The Russians did it” is truly Peak Stupid!

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