The current migrant crisis is a bit of an elephant in the room and will not go away. As long as the asylum scam continues to work it will only get bigger, particularly as the NATO navies are currently providing a ferry service for the people smugglers. Something needs to be done, and done soon.

The situation at the moment is that anyone who makes it to European soil is most unlikely to be removed, and that would only be after lengthy and expensive court proceedings. What I believe would be a viable solution would be to establish a holding camp outside Europe where all illegal immigrants can be sent initially and where their identity and circumstances can be established before they can even claim asylum in a Western country, which must accept them before they travel there. The requirements for such a camp would be that it must be somewhere safe and somewhere where there is lots and lots of unused open spaces. I believe that somewhere in one of the Central Asian republics would be an ideal place for such a camp. From looking at just a home atlas I think that the ideal place for such a camp would be central Kazakhstan, somewhere in the locality (say 10 to 50 miles) of the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

There is an airport at Baikonur and a railway line to it, and there will be access to utilities from Baikonur, although these may need to be supplemented by extra utilities built into the camp. It would be relatively easy to build a spur line and road that could be used to supply the camp. The camp should consist of appropriate accommodation for the meteorological conditions of the area, as some people may be there for a long time. There should be schools, clinics, and also an orphanage, where all the unaccompanied ‘Trojan horse’ migrant children can be cared for in safety, and camp facilities could be staffed by the migrant occupants.

There would also need to be a large enough UNHCR office there to process the cases. If enough land can be allocated, surplus land could be cultivated, serving the dual purpose of giving the occupants some employment and contributing to the upkeep of the camp. With only the road and rail access to the camp it will be just about impossible for terrorists to infiltrate the camp as they would have to cross vast distances to get there. There is an awful lot of ‘nowhere’ in central Kazakhstan. Anyone who wants to leave the camp can simply ask for transport to anywhere they are eligible to go, because the camp would not be a prison but the boundaries should be clearly marked as the camp itself would be under a UN mandate, but outside the camp limits Kazakh law would apply.

Genuine refugees who are fleeing war and persecution should be happy to go somewhere where they are safe and provided for, whereas the economic migrants and the freeloaders who are just looking to get to the lands of bright lights and benefits, will not pay vast sums to people smugglers to make the journey if they think that they are going to end up in Kazakhstan, with no possibility of being accepted for asylum in the West.

If such a camp was operating and all illegal immigrants were sent there to have their cases processed, the migrant boats from North Africa and the Middle East would fade away to a trickle as word got round about where the ‘customers’ end up. This will work for Britain as well, as any illegal immigrants who ‘fall off the back of a lorry’ near the Channel ports or are otherwise caught illegally in Britain, will find themselves on the way to Kazakhstan. This will eliminate the ‘pull factor’ of Britain, which is currently seen as the ‘Shangri-La’ of benefits and the softest touch on illegal immigration.

The existence of such a camp will also help countries like Germany, which has taken in huge numbers of migrants and who have crime and social unrest problems as a result. Any illegal immigrants who behave badly by assaulting women or commit other crimes such as drug-dealing can be removed to the camp, which may encourage other migrants to behave properly.

All this would all be very expensive and would need to be a massive international effort, but I suspect that many European countries will happily contribute heavily if they think it will solve their current migrant problems. There will also need to be some significant horse-trading with the Kazakhs, or whoever, but there must be something on which we can do a deal.

Whilst Kazakhstan might be the best option, there are four other Central Asian republics, so a deal could probably be done with one of them, although the logistics would be likely to be more difficult. If nothing positive is done, the populations of Africa and the Middle East will gradually transfer themselves to Western Europe over the decades to come.

Burying our heads in the sand and hoping that this problem will go away is not the answer.

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