Well, the Editor on Duty has suffered a power cut all day. Not that we suffered heavy storm damage, it was a fuse at a sub-station and it took them 10 hours to get around to doing a 5 minute fix! Because of that, we’ve been unable to bring you any new items today, albeit there has been a deal of catching up on printed material.

Scottish and Southern Electricity tell us by text message that the following areas are still affected by power outages caused by wind/flood damage:

  • Milford, Elstead, Cutmill, Hindhead and Godalming in Surrey
  • Liss, Selborne in Hampshire
  • Bedham, Pallingham, Fittleworth, Rudgewick and Heyshott in West Sussex

Engineers are working through the night. While we are sure they are paid handsomely for such unsocial and long hours, they deserve our gratitude for working to restore our essential services.

One wonders if the government will be as committed when we suffer power cuts because of their misbegotten policies to close down essential coal-fired power stations soon?

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