Act 1; Scene 1

Obama and the cabal showed who they were going to be on day one with the columns in the stadium.

It was easy to get caught up in him and have some hope that he would be a lot better than what the résumé showed. People like to criticize him for not being an American by culture first and guess what: he is not. Look how he was raised. In his early formative years he was not reading traditional elementary early American history. The local Hawaiian history that he would have studied did not really include Hawaii as a state till after 1959 and references to the mainland would not be talked about till about the 1900s. Local Hawaiian history was not colony centric, or American centric but Polynesian centric.

His first real authority from history were not the founding fathers, great Generals like Washington or Grant or hero’s like Nathan Hale or Ben Franklin, or great Presidents, but a King, Kamehameha.  His next exposure was to Emperors and other Asian supreme rulers situations. He equates to being a King, a ruler and it shows. His 57 states slip was not a numerical error but a situation error. He was not brought up saying, knowing or watching the weather for the 50 states while he grew up. He did spend years going to prayer time so 57 is a more natural number for him to say without having to think.

When he was in school in Indonesia, under another name, he was taught local history and world history from an Indonesian perspective. None of that rah rah American is the best type of stuff. He did not grow up watching 60-70’s American TV in the states, or good old fashion American war movies like Patton; what he did get was way different than what would be considered pro American. That’s why he apologizes for America all the time. Like yesterday at the UN when he was whining that we the Americans cause all the global warming, but China can have a waiver so they can advance.

I’m fairly certain that he made up the phony Indonesian Prince thing there as a kid in his head, seeing the difference the ruling class had over the peasant class; as he was in the more well off crowd. Being a mixed race kid gave him that unique look, so he worked on this story and living there gave him all the real life truisms to make it work.

When he needed to go off to college and cover for below average grades, as he was a pot smoker and limited student, remembering he had used the slightly factitious Indonesian Prince thing a few times before, I bet he put that on the application to Occidental. He got away with it more than once and he could do it again. The con guys always want to do it again because it just gets better.  He and Frank Marshal Davis: his oldest and dearest friend would see that because of the times, all the new diversity being required, this would go over easy. An exotic kid from Hawaii/ Indonesia: Occidental saw that and they jumped; (              ) this high, and let him in.  That is why his records are sealed. It’s not his marks as he has said as much. It is possibly the fact that somewhere on his application paperwork it says Indonesian under Prince or some such phrase.

His path took him through Columbia, where no classmates remember him, to Harvard where those records are sealed, even anything he may have written for the Law review; were his papers that brilliant that we mere serfs can’t read them, than to Chicago and the hands of Valerie Jarrett.

The real problem for Chicago was the Obama train ended up on the wrong track. His run against Hillary was, I believe supposed to be a coming out party of sorts, get some face time and after Hillary won get nominated to be Sec Gen of the UN a position that requires high lofty ideals, said with grand oratory and the ability to be bored at the trivial, all the while the same back room players are working the UN not the WH. Oh the money they missed out on.

The Records from Occidental were sealed for a reason. If not his grades, then what else is there? I bet it is the first real good lie he got away with; the Indonesian Prince thing. The Columbia and Harvard’s records also have that in them as a carry through, so we can’t see them either. That’s why the Kenyan thing was on his bio for years, Sec Gen UN résumé stuff not Pres. of US stuff. It is how he got into Pakistan when he was a teenager I would guess; remember no Americans could go there at that time.  He was not groomed to be President; he was headed to the UN. Heck he even gave up his law degree without a fight, which means something bad was done, but he knew that would not matter at the UN. The presidential campaign press buried that fast. We still do not know why. A good story there still needs to be told.

The UN was the original target. His background to this point was perfect for that. But he caught on like a leg tingle and Hillary jumped out of the way and the next thing he was President of the United States.

Now that he is President though, he can and does anything he wants because the Chicago machine scared the wits out of the GOP establishment. It should be renamed the FOP for flaccid old party. Any opposition is racist and that’s the way it will be and if you don’t like that we will tell on you, Hillary gave us access to the 900 FBI files that are still in circulation. And we love you too Craig Livingston.

This president does not make most of the calls in his administration. Valerie loves to sell that Barrack is so bright and so above us all that he is just bored with most things, the trivial is not for the King to decide, so the girls decide for him.

His average nights are spent in the upstairs den watching ESPN, the daughters are in their rooms doing home work and hanging out on social media, Michelle and Valarie and her mother sit around and plan tomorrow. I’m not sure even the dogs hang out with him. It’s Sad to be a lonely King.


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