Act 1; Scene 2

President Obama grew up idolizing Kings and got brought to a group that needed someone like him to be the front man. Unfortunately for him as Commander in Chief you have to make real decisions and give orders. It is either a good one or a bad one, but you cannot delegate that authority, and no order is dereliction of duty. And dereliction that gets people killed and worse, you left your troops behind is very serious.

Valerie Jarrett could control everything of being a president except a few. One is where Barack gets off prompter and starts saying the truth; and the real important one of being Commander in Chief and that is where the Benghazi story goes bad.

Go or no go orders are just that; they are orders and can only be given by the actual Commander in Chief. This is why the entire on site commanders from those days have all been retired or besmirched, or something, because someone other than the actual Commander in Chief made a decision or the CIC made no decision. The purging that is going on at the flag level and first flights below is unprecedented and for a reason and a purpose

The real story and problem is that if no call was made, that is dereliction on duty. Punishable under the UCMJ. He volunteered to be Commander in Chief by running for office. Worse it was right before an election meaning they knew and defrauded the voters.

We are told that from the WH no, no go order was given; no stand down order was given from the WH. What order was given then, or was no order given. The President is allegedly to have been off the grid for up to 5 hours, what is that? Since no one else by law could give an order I guess no order was given that night and that is a real problem for President Obama going forward. If this is so than he should have been summarily arrested for this, but either the Joint Chiefs don’t know how, or they just don’t want to, or are too scared, but this is new ground for a President. Dereliction at this level is inexcusable.

Considering the time and assets available, and you never not try something; that’s why Gen. Ham is still so livid about that night. That’s why he did something anyway.

President Obama did not grow up American first and it shows, he grew up wanting to be King and he did, good for him, but he is also head of the United States military and it is the one job that he hates. Plus he’s not a John Wayne type tough guy and the military scares him. He is not in charge in the residents at night; you think he feels in charge in a room full of Admirals and Generals and their aides. He was the most uncomfortable individual at the West Point Graduation this summer. During the so called OBL raid he stayed away and played cards. I’m not sure of his whole usefulness in the OBL mission of which there is still something fishy about that and the way he was supposedly buried at sea. I want to see the info on that also.

benghazi photoBenghazi is important because it is the one time that he had to do his constitutional presidential job and he did not and many in the room know this and it is only a matter of time before the real story actually gets out. All the Generals know what happened, all the situation room personnel know and once free to tell their stories, if any and or all of this is true than Barack Obama will be the first Commander in Chief sent to jail for dereliction of duty during a mission. Where was he those 5 hours and what was he doing are the only questions that congress needs to have answered.

As good or bad, all past presidents military calls were, there is no other account of a presidential non call. This is dereliction of duty of the highest magnitude.

The seriousness of this action and the aftermath needs to come to full light. The Military brass should be freed by congress to speak their minds in front of the nation and we as a country will account for a judgment of the actions by those at the very top of the situation.

It is a simple answer to get. Any dereliction of duty is punishable under UCMJ articles, any mis representation of a CIC is punishable, and you cannot self pardon your way out of it without exposing it for the problem for which it is.

The story of Benghazi is only a day or so long. The whole incident covers a dozen hours or so plus a few days before with the Egypt thing, but the underlying story as to what that outpost was doing is for another time, but once the firefight started and the call for help went out, it is these moments that at some time the President was required to make a call and he did not. He voted absent/present and guess what dude you can’t do that.

His military operations that have required an actual CIC call to this point have been drone strikes in faraway places that he can watch on his military channel if he so wanted; so If he had just done something and it turned out the same way then so be it, but at least you actually tried.

I do believe he ended up in a place they did not have on the original plan, he was being groomed to be Sec Gen of the UN, not President of the United States. The hidden college applications foretell a story that is being buried. If no decision is involved in Benghazi then dereliction is the charge and this fairy tale is going to not have a happy ending. Dereliction of Duty is an immediate charge and not to be trivialized. I feel sorry for him to a point, I really do and not.

There has never been a president arrested for dereliction, but there must be a procedure for it somewhere in the books. As the volunteer CIC he is accountable to the UCMJ under Art. 2. Since he gets to decide he also gets held accountable for no decisions also. And not just for him, but for Valerie for sure and Michelle and others after the fact, Hillary also could find her knickers in this.

To off quote a Few Good Men, we can handle the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth, so say the facts. If any or all is true than we will have Pvt. Banning and Ex. Pres. Obama, as next cell neighbors, Ft.Leavenworth, Ks., not a happy ending.

The Military is imploding under him, the il-advised lawless prisoner swap is compounding the morale problem. He, unfortunately for the United States needs to be in a congressional hearing on where he was the hours and minutes of the raid and no other questions are relevant.

This is my opinion based on the facts on the ground and easily found publically. Being an Independent and one before it was fashionable; I was the Ind. candidate for Gov of Az in ‘98, so this is not personal or political, just supported opinion about a sad situation. This is the one story of the Presidency of Barack Obama that has to be told truthfully from the beginning, but the one told truthfully, will end the false fairy tale.

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