Metropolitan think tank the Centre for Cities has released a report which calls for the UK to keep free movement with the EU for at least two years after March 29 2019, in the event of a so-called no deal Brexit.

The think tank argues that a minimum two year period will give the government time to develop a new immigration system. The report, however, does not recommend any specific limit on this period with the potential that it could run on forever.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said:

“This is yet another attempt by a metropolitan think tank to try and wedge the UK’s door open after March 29, 2019. It’s typical that an out-of-touch metropolitan elite is more concerned with preserving open door mass immigration than it is with the vital interests of the millions of ordinary British people.

“Wages have stagnated and house prices and rents have soared – all thanks to the doctrine that mass uncontrolled immigration is beneficial, which it is not. The sooner we leave the European Union, the sooner we can enforce an immigration system which places the interests of the British people first.”

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