Nigel Farage at the introduction of UKIP’s 2015 Manifesto, Believe in Britain, described it as a gold standard for party manifestos and increasingly professionals, who know their subjects well, are saying the same thing.  The following is just an example of what is being said.  Please feel free to add more. The final reference, The Centre for Economics and Business Research, provides confidence that UKIP, in addition to getting policies right, has got its sums correct.

UKIP The Party of Small Business

21st April 2015 open letter in the Daily Express by 100 Small Businesses.  The Authors write:

‘We note the extensive election coverage of the ideas of the various parties when it comes to creating a positive climate for business.

It would seem to us that while Labour now risks being perceived as the anti-business party and the Conservatives can lay claim to being the big business party, UKIP has emerged as the party of small business.

As people engaged in running some of the small enterprises that will create the bulk of new employment in this country in the years ahead, we are greatly encouraged to find a political champion in UKIP’.

The BusinessZone verdict:

‘The party’s manifesto ….. surpassed the level of detail on small business policies of any of the other parties. Indeed, the manifesto includes 25 mentions of ‘small business’ and ‘small firms’, and a section dedicated to small businesses. Impressive stuff.’

BusinessZone acts as the content channel, delivering up to the minute topical small business news, features and analysis, while UKBF is the UK’s most active small business forum for community discussion and networking.

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors statement is clear evidence that UKIP are winning the housing debate

‘UKIP is the first party to agree to RICS Property in Politics proposals for a national brownfield map, as a premise for the building of one million brownfield homes over the next ten years.

Taken collectively, this raft of policies appeared to be the first real programme of this campaign that seeks to solve Britain’s long-term supply-side crisis.

Pensions Insight

Verdict -This is a surprisingly forward-looking manifesto from Ukip, and has a number of policies that are likely to be extremely popular.’

The Centre for Economics and Business Research

‘Cebr was commissioned by UKIP to assess the budgetary impacts of the policies specified in Table 1.

While actual impacts may differ from this in practice, reflecting variations in economic performance among other things, we have no reason to believe that the impacts specified in Table 1 are significant under- or overestimates.’

Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) is a leading specialist economics consultancy established in 1993. We are an independent organisation, providing advice to members of all of the major political parties in the UK, and our client base includes organisations in the public, private and third sectors.

From in An economic review of policy proposals

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