Update: The Results are in!

These are the results of the Leo Parade – and we have a winner!

In reverse order:

3rd place goes jointly to Leo Edward and Leo Jasper with two votes each

2nd place goes to Leo Oscar with four votes

And the winner in first place is Leo Crispin with six votes.

Honourable mention to Leos Arthur, Keith and Maximilian with one vote each. 

The votes of those who added a second Leo were not taken into account , but the Leos who were second choice ought to be mentioned as well: Arthur, Benedict, Crispin (two second votes), Frederick, Horatio, Iain and Maximilian.

Thank you all for participating and commenting. We’ll now have a conclave of editors (again) and then see what the techies have to say.


~~~ o ~~~  A Parade of Leos  ~~~ o ~~~

Readers may recall that a short while ago we talked about a new masthead for UKIP Daily (see here, scroll down). Some examples were put up, and our reader StuartJ produced some further examples which were less staid and more bold. 

Our contributor ‘sponplague’ then took the bit between his teeth and came up with a veritable pride of Leos, in all sorts of design proposals for a possible masthead. These then were presented to the editors who picked the ones which pleased them most. Having culled the unsuitable Leos, we publish below the remaining 15 for you to scrutinise. You’ll notice that what look to be the same Leos are differing in the way “UKIP Daily” is lettered. 

So – while we wait for news coming from the NEC Meeting taking place today, enjoy the Leo Parade, and do not be shy with criticism, not forgetting to pick the one you think best represents UKIP Daily.

Leo Arthur: 

Leo Benedict:

Leo Crispin:

Leo David:

Leo Edward:

Leo Frederick:

Leo George:

Leo Horatio:

Leo Iain:

Leo Jasper:

Leo Keith:

Leo Lawrence:

Leo Maximilian:

Leo Nicholas:

Leo Oscar:

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