The EU is like quicksand. Many remainers seem to think, when voting to stay in the EU, that they are on solid ground. They are not. They are in quicksand. And, in the quicksand of the EU, all assurances, guarantees, pledges, promises, red lines, vetoes and vows are ephemeral illusions that quickly fade and disappear forever, lost deep in the forgotten depths of the quagmire.

The sands of the EU are always shifting. But, in contrast, the nation states are held fast. Then, inevitably, the tide of the European Project sweeps in to drown them, and they cease to exist in any meaningful way as a democratic entity.

Everybody knows, except perhaps Theresa May and Co., that you do not ‘half’ get out of quicksand. You do not leave a leg in just because you like the feel of sand between your toes, or you like the view from the location of the quicksand. You get out and totally clear, as completely as possible, as quickly as possible. There is no such thing as a ‘soft’ exit from quicksand.

It is a very sad truth that many of those who voted to remain, particularly the young people, seemed neither to have even the slightest awareness that they were in quicksand, nor that they were giving away their democratic rights so carelessly and so cheaply. The young people of 1975 kept warning them but, it seems, to no avail.

Of course, all wise people, and indeed anyone blessed with an atom of common sense, would steer very well clear of any quicksand in the first place. And then, in the event of straying in, would immediately do everything they could to get out as quickly as possible.

But apparently, a review of the majority of our political representatives, supposedly involved in delivering the will of the people, suggests that the required atom of common sense is not present. Often comfortably isolated from the consequences themselves, so many of our politicians, government officials, civil servants and members of the House of Lords want the country to stay in the quicksand.

That is the exact opposite of the people’s order. There will be a reckoning. I think and hope it will be very severe.

Now, in order to explain how the Borg got into the title of this article, there is another analogy for the EU that I would like to explore.

I must confess at the start to being a bit of a Star Trek fan. That perhaps explains why, prior to the EU referendum in 2016, as part of my ongoing mission to explore strange and mysterious worlds, I boldly went on to the Guardian website. In that spooky domain, I can report that I encountered many weird beings, peculiar reasoning processes, and disturbingly bizarre concepts of reality.

In the course of communicating with the alien species I found there, I commented that I could see a significant and sinister resemblance between the aggressive, expansionist, anti-democratic and authoritarian EU, and the similarly acquisitive, intractable and much-feared, totalitarian Borg collective made infamous by the Star Trek series.

My remarks were not well received by the guardianistas. But for me the chilling comparison speaks for itself. Just like the Borg, the EU will not countenance any opposition to their project. They are mercilessly relentless in the ruthless pursuit of their objective. Their eventual domination is never, under any circumstances, a matter for negotiation. The choice is simple. Submission by surrender or submission by force.

Trekkies amongst us will no doubt remember the Borg’s chilling introductory greeting:

“We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. You will be assimilated into the collective. Resistance is futile.”

Well, in subservient response to the EU’s demands, our political representatives appear to have shamefully fallen over themselves in their rush to cravenly lower all our shields. They have failed to shield all aspects of our culture, our religious heritage, our history, law and way of life.

They have also failed to shield the population, the children of our ancestors, not only from destructive changes to their nation, but also from the removal of their inalienable rights to decide and control customs and events in their own homeland.

So obsequious has been their compliance that many detect the stench of treachery. They suspect the guilt of treasonous, quisling complicity in the sustained erosion of all the truths and values that made Britain great; the constant undermining of historic world-changing achievements.

They have certainly surrendered our ships. Our fishing fleet and our merchant fleet are faint shadows of the size they once were. Our Navy ships, for so long the envy of the world, seem well on their way to becoming an endangered species due to their rapidly reducing numbers.

And what of British distinctiveness? The distinctiveness of a nation with a proud, truly exceptional, global history. The individualism of the nation that spawned the Anglosphere. The nation that saved Europe from Nazism, and is recognised worldwide as a beacon of inventiveness, freedom and democracy. Is that unique distinctiveness is to be adapted and assimilated to ‘service’ the EU, a seventy year old failing, anachronism that has never been copied anywhere in the world?

I don’t think so! And 17.4 million British voters made it very clear in the referendum that they don’t think so either! Together with millions of people across Europe, and a re-invigorated and resurgent, well led UKIP, we will prove again that resistance is never futile!


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