I have read the comments in UKIP Daily about Muslims and these set off some alarm bells. We do need a sense of perspective and an analysis of what makes our culture in the UK so special and one that we wish to see protected and to flourish.

Let me start by saying I do not wish to see the UK become a Muslim country and nor do I wish our country to take on aspects of the Islamic world. However, what makes this country great is its tolerance and willingness to live alongside others on a ‘live and let live’ basis.  This however, cuts both ways. What we do not want is for that attitude to be used against us such that our accommodation of minorities overtakes our country’s identity and makes the majority have to conform to a minority view. A good example of this is that having fought for hundreds of years for free speech, this freedom is now being curtailed and this in reality is a restriction in our democracy that should never be countenanced.

There is too much evidence that political correctness has resulted in the authorities not confronting practices that are abhorrent to us because they do not want to be labelled racist etc.  or falsely pilloried by the liberal left media. This is a betrayal of our society and so Sharia court systems, sexual exploitationsurely not confined to Rotherham FGM, sex separation at universities and meetings or the infiltration of our education system to covertly extend the influence of Islam, must be rooted out and actively targeted with rigour. If the majority of the Muslim population genuinely believes in living in our society, as opposed to taking over our society, then they must accept a huge element of responsibility for confronting these issues.

It is wrong to assume that all who follow Islam are a threat to our peace. It is equally wrong not to confront the fact that the Muslim population contains an element who do threaten our way of life and do so not just in acts of terrorism but in more subtle ways, such as Sharia courts and education. We cannot and must not become a ‘we hate Muslims’ party.

The researches I have done reveal that  Islam was founded by a man who spread his teaching by the power of the sword. A religion founded in warfare will not easily leave violence behind and so there are segments, and not in small numbers, of the Muslim population of the world who believe violence to the non Muslim world is not just acceptable but is almost an obligation. This could not be further away from the teachings of the founder of Christianity.  We must not therefore adopt an attitude that  shuts its eyes to this and adopts a view that Islam  is generically a non violent religion.  

The moderate Muslim community has a huge responsibility in this regard.  The authorities by definition will look for the Muslim terrorist amongst the Muslim community. Complaints from that community that they are being targeted should not be accepted, while at the same time any targeting by the authorities must be tempered by reasonable cause rather than indiscriminate action. Moderate Muslims should see this as in their interests too and if they do not then we must ask some fundamental questions of them.

We live in difficult times but this demands an increased determination to achieve balance and good judgement in our attitudes so that we can deal properly and with level heads with these issues, rather than inflame and divide. That way the only winner is the terrorist. At the same time we must have an eye to the long game of what kind of country we wish to be in 40 or 50 years’ time and take action to achieve that rather than just let events take their course and create a problem that could have been avoided.

In conclusion our government and all politicians must realise that in the interests of a harmonious future for our country, both for the majority and minorities, they must set an agenda to manage outcomes. In the way of things regarding population, politicians must abandon their classic short term outlook and play the long game.  They must establish policies that do not pander to appeasement and cloak it with the disguise of tolerance and multiculturalism.

Hard issues must be confronted and one of these is that minorities intent on changing our culture, laws and practices  must be told that that  is not acceptable. If they wish to live here and practice their religion then they must accept they must do so within the bounds of our laws and what are our acceptable behaviours as individuals and communities. If they cannot do this then they need to understand and our leaders must tell them clearly, that they must find their home elsewhere.  

Above almost all else the media must not continue  with their destructive and aggressive attitudes but support the foundations of the beliefs that have made this country such a unique and great place to live.


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