Just when David Cameron and George Osborne had begun to heave sighs of relief that they were lulling the public into a state of complacent contentment with their rosy visions of economic recovery, three events have conspired to burst their bubble and return them to grim reality.

First, as I noted last week, Tory MP Dominic Raab’s modest amendment to the Immigration  Bill which would have allowed foreign criminals to be deported in defiance of ECHR diktats, was defeated by the combined Quislings of the Labour and Liberal Democrats with Cameron commanding the bulk of his party to sit on their hands and abstain.

Then, hard on the heels of this shameful display of impotence in the face of the edicts of foreign judges, those same Labour and Liberal Democrats, this time in the unelected House of Lords, united to kill James Wharton’s Private Members’ Bill promising an in/out referendum in 2017.

At one and the same time this had the effect of exposing those two parties as anti-democrats determined to deny the British people their rightful say on Europe, and revealed Cameron’s Referendum wheeze for the shabby con trick that it actually is, since our Europhile Prime Minister has neither the intention nor the means to deliver on his latest ‘Cast Iron guarantee’

Finally,  France, in the diminutive shape of its priapic President, Francois Hollande, gave the lie to another of Cameron’s fake pledges – to negotiate reforms in Britain’s favour with the utterly un-reformable European Union. At a Press Conference during a flying visit to a rain-drenched Britain, Monsieur Hollande, hardly bothering to disguise his contempt for the idea, told Cameron to one of his two faces that reforming the EU was ‘Not a priority’.

Since France, after Germany, is the EU’s mainstay, that means that there will be no meaningful reforms for Dave to negotiate, so another of  his cast iron pledges bites the dust.

So why does Europe keep raining on Dave’s parade, and how come that the issue which he has done his level best to smother since begging his party to stop ‘banging on’ about it when he became leader back in 2005, continually arise from the grave to bite his bum?

Could it possibly be that it is dawning on more and more people that the EU is openly rushing towards becoming a single, Orwellian state that is being imposed on them without their consent, and that all three major Westminster parties – with Cameron’s Tories leading the pack – have been and still are complicit in this shameful process of dissolving and drowning Britain?

Moreover, the British people are not fools. They know that Cameron’s pretence to be a Eurosceptic – down to the UKIP purple tie that he has lately affected. (presumably as a subliminal symbol of his sturdy Euro-scepticism) –  is as credible and effective as a single frayed sandbag to stop Noah’s flood.

Until his own party, or the British electorate. dismisses Dave, there is only one way to hold his feet to the fire, and that is to vote UKIP, the only party that still believes in Britain and which is fighting to win our country back.

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