Why, you might ask?  Surely, Nigel Farage, Janice Atkinson and Diane James as our lead candidates are.  No!  They are certain to get elected with around 26% or more of the regional vote, so it is Ray and Donna that UKIP in the South East must fight for to get them elected.

The PR system used is not an exact science, but with around 35-36% of the vote Ray is elected, and on 44-45% Donna is elected. However, if the Liberal Democrats fail as spectacularly as they have done in By Elections this week, then that increases our chances even more. In 3 Council By-Elections recently, the Liberal Democrats got 2% or less of the vote, and in one of them, Nottingham City, they were behind the “Elvis Bus Pass Party”.

Ray and Donna, candidates 4 and 5, are our most important South-East candidates, as if we can get them elected then we will really have shown the country that UKIP is here to stay. And, if Donna is elected, half the region’s MEPs would be UKIP.

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