Today there’s one more reason for voting UKIP. At the end of last year, we highlighted the fact that from January 2014 we would have open borders from Bulgaria and Romania (in addition to the open borders we already had from 25 EU countries).

Other parties promised that we were scaremongering. They promised that there would be no mass increase in immigration. UKIP has nothing against Bulgarians or Romanians, but we do want to be able to control immigration. If you’re wanting to come in to the UK then we would expect you to:

  • Learn to speak English
  • Not have a criminal record
  • Have skills which benefit the UK
  • Have adequate health cover
  • Not add to the current over-supply of unskilled labour

If I were to emigrate to Australia, they would automatically expect such things. They would consider the Australian national interest.

So when we talk about unlimited immigration from Bulgaria/Romania from January 1st, the problem is the word ‘unlimited’.

The figures released today show National Insurance number registrations from Bulgaria and Romania by quarter. In Q1 alone, there have been 45,000 new registrations from Bulgaria and Romania. Since we opened our borders, we’ve had new National Insurance number registrations from those countries at a rate of roughly 500 per week.

Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems were convinced this wouldn’t happen. Labour apologised because when Poland and others joined the EU, we didn’t have ‘transitional arrangements’ to smooth the flow of migration. Well, we had transitional arrangements this time.

My Labour opponent in this campaign, Judith Kirton-Darling, has consistently said that transitional arrangements ensure that there will not be a mass move of migration.

The graph speaks for itself. It’s drawn to scale, no political manipulation here.

Those who once called us scaremongers owe us an apology. Will we get it? I doubt that very much.

Vote UKIP today – for a Party that has been vindicated despite slurs from our opponents and much of the media. 

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