The question that every “normal” person in this country regardless of their political persuasion should ask regarding the E.U. is “what’s in it for me”? Having asked that question the political elite would tell them (usually in teddy bear language) that membership is essential for world peace (NATO’s job), protecting us from man made global warming (which isn’t actually occurring as the world is cooling and the polar ice sheets are expanding). Furthermore they would be told that the E.U. is essential for prosperity and so on; all of which is nonsense and is simply a fig leaf to cover up what the real reasons are (as we will see later).

In the case of the U.K. the first uncomfortable truth is that we are net importer of goods from the E.U. to the tune of 60 billion per annum (along with a 55 million per day membership fee) and rising.  As a nation we sell far more to the rest of the world than to the E.U. but are still bound by its expensive to implement rules diktats and directives; so from the outset we can conclude that there is no trade economic benefit to membership.

Being part of the E.U also means that Britain is subject to rules allowing the free movement of people.  These rules (a founding E.U. principle) make it illegal to apply a criteria to select as eligible those who would benefit our nations cause; and so along with the talented immigrants (whom we should welcome) comes the undesirable elements that drain the national coffers.

When the cost of schooling immigrant children, healthcare, social benefits (such as housing) etc are taken into account the hidden cost of hosting these people run into billions; I’ve rarely seen such costs factored in when impact assessments of immigration are conducted.  And all this before you even get to the social fragmentation and alienation many if not most are starting to feel in a once cohesive country. The conclusion:

Immigrants make money for big business but drain the public purse funded by the Taxpayer, so nothing in that for us either.

So given the above what might be the real reasons that sit behind the government’s fig leaf/façade regarding the stampede towards a United States of Europe?

N0.1 America demands it; Britain is effectively a Trojan Horse and is at the centre of Europe to be the eyes ears and facilitator of American foreign policy. Not good.

No.2 The E.U. brings enormous opportunities for power and wealth to those in the political class; just what they need when the country’s international star is beginning to wane. By the way these opportunities are not for the plebs with their comprehensive school education so you and I need not apply.

No.3 The availability of unlimited cheap foreign labour that causes wage deflation in the blue collar sector (what’s left of it) in the U.K. is like Manna from Heaven for big business, Cheap labour = big profits for big companies but certainly no good for the man/woman in the street i.e. you and me.

No.4 And finally there is a left wing nihilistic element that has slowly fermented over the decades in the U.K. that would embrace the complete social levelling possible through a grand socialist design like the E.U.   This element would love to see all hardworking successful people stripped of their wealth, forced to wear blue overalls whilst enjoying new lives living in Porta-Homes. One can only conclude that this is due their illogical hatred of success and a lack of a stake in society (a problem that can usually be traced to a lazy and feckless lifestyle).  In other words they would like it but can’t be bothered to earn it, and because they can’t be bothered to earn it think no-one else should have it

These are the real reasons that the political elite want Britain in the E.U. and they will do anything to prevent you and I getting a say on the matter. So if you want this country to have its say on this the most pressing matter of out time then Vote UKIP in the next General Election, it will be your only chance.

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