Suspicious voters in the EU referendum have insisted on bringing their own pens to polling stations after becoming convinced that ballot papers could be tampered with if they used the pencils handed to them. A minority of Leave supporters urged voters to take indelible ink pens to vote with them, so that marks cannot be erased and altered by an establishment determined to keep them in the EU. In a survey this week, it emerged that two thirds of Ukip voters believe there is a government plot to rig the result, while a third believe that MI5 are involved.

This is the moment police took the name of a pro-Brexit supporter who offered voters the use of her pen in case of fraud. Some Vote Leave campaigners have claimed that using the pencil usually found in polling stations is dangerous because their cross could be rubbed out and changed, even claiming MI5 are involved. Jacqueline Jackson, who was outside a Winchester polling station, filmed the officer taking her details as she argued she was allowed to lend her pen to anyone entering. She then tweeted the footage and said: ‘Police came to Chichester polling station called by REMAIN side to stop me LENDING my PEN to all voters #fraud’.  Many have used the hashtag ‘usepens’ to encourage others to refuse to use a pencil, although it has since been hijacked by Remain campaigners who are calling them conspiracy theorists. A poll released this week revealed that many Leave campaigners fear that today’s referendum is rigged against them.

Dozens of people have been turned away from voting in today’s EU referendum following errors at a polling station.  Some residents in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, were not included on the registration list and were unable to have their say in today’s historic referendum when they turned up to cast their vote this morning. Angry locals hassled MPs outside Linslade polling station for the ‘total shambles’, and Central Bedfordshire Council eventually made arrangements for voters who’d missed out.  Central Bedfordshire Council has now apologised and said the problem has been resolved. It is making arrangements for voters who were turned away earlier to have their say this afternoon.  However there are differing reports over how many people missed out on a vote this morning.

British expats have voiced their outrage after being denied a say in the EU referendum because their postal votes failed to arrive.  Voters living abroad in three continents told The Independentthey were forced to miss the historic poll because of “totally unacceptable” administrative errors and delays. Jo Zell, from Bromley in south-east London, said she applied for a postal ballot after moving to Paris.

The simple answer to the question as to whether the EU referendum is legally binding is “no”. In theory, in the event of a vote to leave the EU, David Cameron, who opposes Brexit, could decide to ignore the will of the people and put the question to MPs banking on a majority deciding to remain. This is because parliament is sovereign and referenda are generally not binding in the UK. An exception was the 2011 referendum on changing the electoral system to alternative vote, where the relevant legislation obligated the government to change the law to reflect a “yes” vote had that occurred. No such provision was contained within the EU referendum legislation.

German newspaper BILD has vowed to admit that Geoff Hurst’s World Cup winning goal for England crossed the line if we vote to remain in the European Union. Hurst’s extra-time strike against West Germany in 1966 put England cannoned off the crossbar and onto the goal line but the officials controversially allowed a goal. Germany have continually protested the decision since, even to this day, but they could be able to admit defeat in the debate. BILD have led their Thursday morning front page on the EU referendum which is taking place across the United Kingdom. They have vowed to admit that Hurst’s goal did actually cross the line should residents of the UK vote to remain inside the EU with the vote.

As Britons head to the polls in their millions, the President of the European Commission reportedly phoned Angela Merkel, Chancellor of European powerhouse Germany, “moments ago”. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was also in contact with the beleaguered former president of Luxembourg last night before polls opened at 7am this morning. And the unelected official is set to speak to French President Francois Hollande after the once in a generation result comes in tomorrow, Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas said. Mr Schinas confirmed the EU would not be commenting today, adding: “The only one to speak to is the British.”

Labour leave
BREAKING NEWS: Holland announce they intend to table a motion in their Parliament to have a referendum to leave the EU if Brexit wins. They intend to do this the very next day. The president of Holland has also stated that Denmark, France and Sweden are looking to follow … interesting timing. The whole rotten edifice is coming apart, so where is the security in the EU now? Please let everyone know … we may now finally get a Common Market instead of USE if we leave. There are now countries waiting for us to leave ….Be strong, be European and leave the EU.

The Spectator
If you’ve heard a whirring noise in the background of today’s momentous vote, don’t worry: it’s just Tony Benn turning in his grave. Benn was one of Britain’s keenest, and most articulate critics of the European Union. He and other Labour grandees, along with top trade unionists, raged against the EU for being aloof and arrogant and for usurping parliament. Summoning up his Chartist soul, his love of the Levellers, his belief that radical Britons didn’t fight and die over centuries for the sovereignty of parliament just to see it overturned by some well-fed suits in Brussels, he would slam the EU for having not a ‘shred of accountability’ and for being second only to the Kremlin for its anti-democratic antics.

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