This video was produced by Brian Cooke, UKIP Gloucestershire, who has given us kind permission to publish it.

Brian visited the WWI battlefields earlier this year. The original video footage is his, and he put the whole video together for today, the Centenary of the end of WWI:





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Our reader Leslie J. Nicholls sent us this poem for the Centenary of Remembrance Sunday:


A poem to remember


Brave soldiers in their graves revolve

As EU leaders now resolve to render hard won victories to nought

On foreign soil in two world wars, they kept invaders from our shores

While donkeys brayed, our lambs and lions fought

They fought to keep our islands free, they fought to save democracy

They fought to fight the fear that made them fight

They fought wherever they were led, they fought until the fields ran red

They fought by day and then they fought by night.

Wars to end all wars were claimed, the millions dead and millions maimed

Would sacrifice their life for lifelong peace

The wars were won, and peace was earned, tyrants beaten, lessons learned

Our lambs returned adorned in Golden Fleece.

Their strength and courage was our shield, they did not flinch they did not yield

Britannia would forever rule the waves.

No foreign power will rule our land, our laws forever in our hands

We Britons never, ever would be slaves.

But now a hundred years have passed since first they heard the brutal blast

And widowed wives at home began to grieve

But bitterly they’d be dismayed to know that they have been betrayed

As Europe won’t accept were free to leave.

Brave soldiers in their graves remain, we will not let them die in vain

The debt we to owe them will never cease

They died to save their once proud nation, foiling foreign domination

They won the war, now we must win the peace.

Leslie J Nicholls




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