In the 2016 referendum I voted to leave and, despite remainer claims to the contrary, I knew precisely what I was voting for. My main concern was the loss of our sovereignty should we remain within the EU whether that be in the Customs Union or the Single Market or more especially the European Defence conglomerate.

Many of the people I have spoken with, whether leave, remain or simply don’t know, claim not to have read the Withdrawal Agreement to which Mrs May agreed. I have read it and came to the conclusion that it was specifically designed to humiliate the UK simply in order, as the French might say, “Pour encourager les autres!” and discourage any other member state to follow our lead.

That document is bad enough but the Political Declaration is even more poisonous and could possibly leave us subject to ECJ law for the rest of this century if not longer!

I realise that the Commons voted approximately 75% in favour of remain but am still unsure what benefits they expected to accrue from such a position. Perhaps they were hoping that it might result in them getting a pay rise in line with those of the MEP’s along with a much improved pension scheme and a less stringent oversight of their expense claims!

That supposition aside, surely they realise that, once any legislation that the EU request them to enact becomes law, then supervision of the area covered by the Act is automatically ceded to the Commission? 

When we first joined what was then the EEC, we were led to believe by Edward Heath that we were joining what was in effect a European Free trade area. This was of course an untruth since both Heath and Macmillan before him knew full well that the avowed objective of the EU as it later became was total political and economic union of all the member states and that had been its objective from its earliest conception. That naturally means total control of Parliament, Government, the legal system and our military.

One fairly prominent EU official whose name I cannot recall, stated (and I paraphrase here) “We will crush the Anglo-Saxon group out of existence”, by which he meant us, of course.

Another aspect of this matter of which once again few people are aware is that the ground plan for the Federal States of Europe complete with an unelected supranational governing body was put in place in the 1920’s by Jean Monnet, a Frenchman, and Arthur Salter an Englishman, both of whom were highly placed officials in the League of Nations as it was then. The ultimate aim of course, which is now apparent, was the total political and economic union of the member states but this was not to be revealed publicly but achieved secretly step by careful step. In fact during the 1940’s the then Prime Minister of Belgium Paul-Henri Spaak warned Jean Monnet to disguise the political purpose of “The Project” as it became known by hiding it behind  the pretence that it only covered economic co-operation, being based upon dismantling trade barriers i.e. a common market.

Despite the stealth with which it was introduced the truth is now becoming more and more apparent and the general public have become ever more conscious of the betrayal perpetrated by the very people they had been led to trust i.e their own MP’s. Thus I would suggest that the EU cannot exist for much longer in its present form. The only way a supranational governing body can possibly operate successfully is with the co-operation of its members. Coercion cannot succeed. The only possible end product to such an approach is violence, which ironically the EU was instigated to prevent.

Another fact I must mention (but once more I cannot confirm the source of the information because I have forgotten) is the suggestion that Phillip Hammond agreed, during Mrs May’s negotiations, to a donation of some millions of ££s to the European Investment Bank of which he was a board member. This proposed donation was never disclosed to the Commons. I read this somewhere but whereabouts I don’t remember. Yet another financial problem which was mentioned in the same article was that in the event that the EU collapses, we in the UK will be liable for reparations to the shareholders in the Union. I didn’t know that shareholders were involved with the EU but perhaps readers here could check the veracity of this claim for me!

At this moment in time there are murmurings that the EU are at least considering Mr Johnson’s deal and any movement on the EU’s behalf is to be welcomed. In this regard I haven’t heard anybody mentioning the possible effect that Mr MacDonnell’s machinations to usurp Mr. Corbyn’s position as Labour Party leader may have had upon the EU’s bargaining position, because the very last thing that the EU want is to have to negotiate with, and possibly consider as a possible member state, a Communist led UK Government.

In conclusion may I thank the Independence Daily for the splendid coverage of what should have been a straightforward democratic vote but which has turned into what can only be described as a titanic struggle against the anti-democratic tactics of the HoC and whosoever is backing them.

As an addendum may I suggest some reading material which I have found most illuminating which readers may find of interest. They are all available on ‘amazon’:

“The Great Deception” by Christopher Booker & Richard North

“The Rotten Heart of Europe” by Bernard Connelly

“A State of Independence” by Mark Brolin

“Berlin Rules” by Paul Lever


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