Was I the only one who laughed out loud at the launch of the “remain” campaign yesterday?

First we had Stuart Rose singing the praises of the European Union when only a few months ago he was slating the campaign, saying that its core message is “ridiculous scaremongering”.   And only a couple of years ago he said “business faces ever more burdens from Brussels”. I wonder how much he is being paid to say that the EU is the best thing since sliced bread. I think we know who is paying him…

And fancy calling it “Britain Stronger in Europe” which is abbreviated to BSE – is this another dead cow?   What a stupid name! It has been criticised by several sections of the media, with even the Guardian commenting: “Only ‘Europe with Britain Organising most of its Legal Affairs’ (EBOLA) could have been more than a car crash.” There’s further castigation in the Mail, the Sun and the Times. Even the Mirror said the campaign “must raise its game significantly”.

Apparently although its main people are denying it is funded by the EU, according to Companies House the business used to be called Interim Campaign Ltd and was set up by the former chair of the European Movement. That organisation was set up simply to “undertake educational and social and propaganda and other activities”, according to its memorandum of incorporation  It has received millions of euros from the EU – are we really to believe that Britain Stronger in Europe doesn’t have the same sources of funding as Interim Campaign Limited?

Among those who are running this campaign are many who advocated Britain’s membership of the euro. They also claimed that three million jobs would be lost if we left the EU, a claim which was slated by the author of the research on which it was based, who described the claim as “worse than Goebbels”. That didn’t worry former LibDem leader Nick Clegg who parroted the same ‘statistic’ whenever he could.

The launch video of the “leave” campaign has been seen by more than 70,000 people and around 89 percent of people who have expressed a preference ‘like’ it. BSE had to disable comments and likes on their launch video despite it being watched by more than 7,000 people to date.

As far as ex top cop Sir Hugh Orde issuing a dire warning that we would become “flooded with terrorists and criminals” if we vote to leave, he is talking through his hat. It is the current situation that allows felons of all types to come to this country – we can’t stop them, or at least, we can’t stop them while we’re still in the EU. The answer – leave! Vote Leave.

We all know of the millions we are sending to Brussels every day to prop up the ailing euro. Greece is still sliding down the economic slope; Spain, Portugal and Ireland look like they’re on the way, and even France is having a bit of financial difficulty. Just how many of these countries will we be expected to prop up over the next few years?

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel has simply made the immigration problems worse with her offer of succour for everyone who wants it. Certainly I would be willing to help genuine refugee families fleeing persecution and war, but how many of these fit young men want to come to the UK simply to claim our benefits – benefits that we HAVE to pay because the EU tells us to?

Yes of course, the best way forward is a fundamental change in the way the EU is run, with restrictions on the free movement of its people, a new look at fishing and farming, business and trade, benefits and finances generally, including the proposed new tax treaty, but we know full well that Cameron is not going to be able to negotiate these concession – Frau Merkel has told him so!

The only positive thing that came out of yesterday’s launch was that the choice between staying in the EU and leaving is becoming abundantly clear.

Vote Leave


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