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We are in the middle of a war, dressed up as matters of trade, customs and tariffs. Appeasers are as dangerous today as they were in the 1930s. And we see from their corporate identities, personalities and tactics how similar they are. Compromising our government and trade so that foreign owned car companies can import 60% of their content and take out 100% of their profit is not what the British nation will tolerate.

Airbus, BMW and Siemens have in recent days sought (in a move undoubtedly encouraged by the Chancellor and the Business Secretary) to either force the UK to remain in the EU or warn of such chaos that the British people will change their minds voluntarily!

The British civil service and the CBI are doing the same. Many of these actors have disgraceful histories in the support and appeasement of European Fascism and German imperialism. Airbus is dominated by Germany and France whose history of Fascism is in no doubt (never forget the French Vichy collaborators with Hitler and the French collaborator Prime Minister Lavalle – shot after the war).

Prime Minister May is also doing her best to betray the Brexit referendum vote of the true sovereigns in 2016. As Brexit Central commented today:

“The Remain establishment was dealt a severe shock by the Brexit vote, but ultimately it has not gone anywhere. There have been no Brexiteers with any direct input at the top of the Brexit negotiations since Olly Robbins secured his move away from the oversight of David Davis at DExEU last September……”


The CBI (or the FBI as it then was) was making agreements with Nazi industry in mid 1939

  • after Hitler’s march into the Rhineland
  • after the Krystallnacht attack on the Jews,
  • after the Nuremberg Race laws

so their fanatical support of the German dominated anti democratic Eurostate today is not surprising! As Professor Patrick Minford says in a recent analysis of the Remainer movement in the UK:

This is a disgraceful conspiracy against our democracy, and our analysis at Economists for Free Trade is that these gloomy projections are based on false, indeed absurd, assumptions.


This German corporation (particularly favoured by David Cameron) is involved closely with the German security services and was favoured by the naive British Government for UK transport infrastructure over British based companies – despite being exposed for massive corporate corruption in many parts of the world and fined hundreds of millions of Dollars.

Siemens was a major contractor for the Nazi regime, tripling its turnover and capital between 1933 (when the Nazis came to power) and 1938. It was one of the select Nazi corporations assembled in August 1944 at the “Red House” meeting in Strasbourg where leading SS officials told the leaders of these firms that they should

  • finance the underground Nazi party
  • extend German interests abroad
  • export capital

in order to establish in peacetime what the war had failed to bring.

Siemens was a member of the “Freundeskreis des Reichsfuehrers SS” (Friends of the SS) financing and working closely with them in all important Hitlerian projects. The Auschwitz commander Rudolf Hos in his evidence at the Nuremberg trials named the companies which had benefited from the exploitation of slave labour sent from concentrations camps – among them Siemens.

Today Siemens is an enthusiastic supporter of the European Union and warns indeed threatens the British not to leave!


BMW has repeatedly warned of the economic “consequences” for the British BMW worker and for Britain if we dare to restore democratic self government in the UK. BMW has for years been dominated by its founding family the Quandts who in the 1930s and 40s were especially close to the Nazi regime, contributing to Hitler’s personal election fund.

The company was at the 1944 Red House meeting in Strasbourg with the SS to plan post war Nazism with the help of German companies. Harald Quandt who with his half brother Herbert founded BMW was the son of Magda Goebbels (Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Chief) by her first marriage to Guenther Quandt. Guenther Quant married Magda in 1931 with Adolf Hitler as best man.

During the war Hitler gave Quandt the title of “Wehrwirtschaftsfuehrer” (Leader in the War Economy) and he certainly lived up to the title supplying ammunition, rifles and using slave labourers from concentration camps.

The major shareholders in BMW today are therefore Goebbels’ step grandchildren and the direct descendant of Magda Goebbels, a Nazi so fanatical that she killed her own children by Goebbels (in Hitler’s Bunker) rather than let them grow up in a non Nazi Germany.

Part II of this article will be published on UKIP Daily this Thursday.


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