This is the concluding Part II of an article which first appeared on Free Nations, and has been republished with kind permission of the author. Part I was published here yesterday and concluded with the following paragraph:

The major shareholders in BMW today are therefore Goebbels’ step grandchildren and the direct descendant of Magda Goebbels, a Nazi so fanatical that she killed her own children by Goebbels (in Hitler’s Bunker) rather than let them grow up in a non Nazi Germany.

Anyone who owns or is thing ink of buying a BMW or indeed and German or EU car should write to those companies warning that any failure to secure a Free Trade deal post Brexit will mean “no more German/French cars for me”!


The other prominent British company warning of a failure to kowtow to the EU establishment is AIRBUS – a major recipient of EU subsidies. In turns out that their Director of Communications Katherine Bennett is a leading Liberal Democrat pro EU activist who worked for a Liberal Democrat Peer and has spoken at Remainer public meetings.

I hope I need hardly remind readers that one of the prominent collaborators with Nazism in the 1930s was the Liberal Lord Lothian and that the former Liberal Prime Minister Lloyd George was a great admirer of Hitler – “Hitler is the greatest living German and it is a pity there are not more like him in England”


The Remainers are investing much time and money in warning about the disastrous consequences of Britain restoring its right to self government and its right to trade freely in the world with the other 160 independent countries!

They go further and collaborate with EU negotiators in seeking to make the terms of Brexit so punishing that we decide not to leave after all.

But if life after the EU will be so disastrous because the EU will seek to punish us then what have they been doing to us for the last 46 years while we were their powerless “partners”? If the EU control over us is so complete that we will be powerless without them then the Remainers were lying to the British people about our not having lost any democratic, sovereign or economic rights by being a member!

It will be a difficult transition to freedom – it always is when leaving prison! We need to re-establish our democratic, social, trade and cultural connections with those friends whom we abandoned in 1973. But compared to remaining in this rotten-to-the-core, fascist, decrepit and declining EU (so decadent that it cannot prevent a massive invasion of migrants), with its Commissars so intent on damaging our interests the future can only be brighter – and, far more important, more free and democratic.


One thing we must never forget about the EU. One of its greatest modern constructors was Helmut Kohl and he said that

“British business would never allow the UK to leave the EU”

He thus condemned democratic self government of a nation state to be the prerogative not of its people but of big business – precisely the definition of corporatist fascism which saw the CBI, big US corporations (especially FORD whose scion Henry was given the Nazis’ highest honour) and German firms like BMW, Siemens, Thyssen, Krupp, IG Farben etc form the collaborators of the 1930s.

We are in the middle of a war, dressed up as matters of trade, customs and tariffs. Appeasers are as dangerous today as they were in the 1930s. And we see from their corporate identities , personalities and tactics how similar they are.

Compromising our democratic self government and ability to trade in the world so that foreign owned car companies can import 60% of their content and take out 100% of their profit is not what the British nation will tolerate. Only 12% of British business trades with the EU and a lot of that is by foreign owned companies. By far the most critical point for them is the exchange rate. In the event of a no deal Brexit the resulting tariffs would be far less important – but not to German and French and other EU corporations trying to sell into the UK from outside who would be hit by their high currency and the WTO tariffs and loss of market share.

Theresa May, Greg Clark and Philip Hammond are obsessed with the effects on British business but fail utterly to grasp the suicidal results for EU business without free trade access to their biggest market.


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