Allegedly, Jeremy Paxman said that, before interviewing a politician, he always asked himself “What is this lying liar going to lie to me about today?”

We would be well advised to ask ourselves this same question every day we open a newspaper or listen to a radio or TV interview with one of the establishment politicians.

These last few days, but especially yesterday, provided us with sufficient examples to fill a whole book.

For example, what should concern us greatly is the fact that across Europe, not least in our country, governments are now pushing for even more powers for the secret Services to observe and collect data.

Yesterday, the day millions demonstrated for the particular civil liberty of Freedom of Speech, which led to the murder of those who used it, Boris Johnson said that he’s not ‘particularly bothered with this civil liberty stuff’.

Yes, that’s right: we all must be expected to give up yet another slice of our civil liberties in order to protect us. Never mind the inconvenient fact that just as here in the UK with the 7/7 terrorists, in Paris the terrorists were known to the secret services, but were allowed to slip their net because they were deemed to be ‘low risk’ !

These same politicians, who have already given us the ‘hate speech law’ are obviously not inclined to use it against those who make hate speeches when they’re imams, like this one .

It is, as we all know by now, of course impossible to do anything about this man, who uses his civil liberty of Freedom of Speech to tell on TV that we, in the West, need to adhere to islamic law, thus more or less condoning what happened in Paris.

If we disagree in public with these imams, then we are the ones abusing our right of Free speech and will get taken in by the police.

But that’s not all.

It has now been reported that, to protect us from threatened terrorist attacks, the SAS and Army will join the security forces, a.k.a the police .

While that is certain to make us safer, we ought perhaps ask our lying politicians why the deployment of these forces is necessary when at one and the same time they tell us they need more laws to listen in to everybody while deeming those who do go and perpetrate these terrorist crimes are being let slip through the net.

We should definitely ask those lying liars how it is that both Army and Police Forces have been run down in the wake of ‘austerity’ (yes, that’s another lie!) when the secret services are so aware of all those threats to us, and must get new Laws to become even more aware – while we are scraping the barrel to keep and pay for those who actually put their lives on the line for us?

We should definitely ask those lying liars to tell us why, if this deployment is necessary, they have done their utmost to keep our borders as porous as possible to let everybody in who wants to come, even returning jihadis who have fought with ISIS.

Nigel Farage last year said that it would be easy to add a clause to the 1870 Law still on the statute books which deals with those leaving the country to fight with foreign forces.

That proposal sank like the proverbial stone, the establishment didn’t even bother to smear him.

We had the edifying spectacle of watching Cameron walk in the first row of that huge march in Paris yesterday, practically hand-in-hand with Claude Juncker and Madame Merkel.

These are the lying liars we’ve got to watch for every day.

We also must remember what one outstanding journalist said: if it’s not reported in the MSM, it simply didn’t happen. Thus nobody in the MSM mentioned that there were groups who did shout “Where is Marine”. Wouldn’t that have been of interest?

So let’s be on our mettle, and remember Jeremy Paxman!

Photo by dullhunk

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