In a letter to the Editor of the Sunday Telegraph on 19th January 2014, Ed Davey wrote (2nd letter down):

“To establish a secure and affordable electricity supply, we need government support to develop renewables…….    Wind is a vital contributor to our energy supply and met 6.6 per cent of our energy needs last year.”

There are lies, damned lies, and then renewable claims!  That statement by Ed Davey is just not true, as there were 5 days that might have reached the dizzy heights of 6GW, as far as I can tell from the data provided by the online UK National Grid Status. And wind farm electricity is really uneconomic and unaffordable as shown in this UKIP Daily article.

Looking at the record for the last twelve months indicates an average of around 2GW for wind generation.  The average of the total consumption of electricity by the UK for the year appears to be around 36GW.  So wind generation as a percentage average for the year was no more than 5.5%.

On the morning after Davey’s letter (20th January 2014) the total demand was 46.66GW, of which Gas provided 16.25GW, Coal 12.21GW, Nuclear 7.52GW, Imports 4.85GW, and finally Wind 850MW (0.85GW) or 1.8% of the total.

When Ed Davey talks about secure and affordable, what does he mean?  Does he mean by secure that it is within our own borders and not at the whim of our continental ‘friends’.  Or does he mean that it can be a reliable supply for a significant portion of demand.

Unfortunately when the wind doesn’t blow it cannot be relied upon.  Also these installations that are blighting our once beautiful landscape are manufactured by the Germans and often installed by the Dutch, so most of the costs for wind farms are flowing to our continental friends.

I am not against renewables though, but the subsidy system is pushing up everyone’s electricity bills and that is unacceptable.  Any technology should be economically viable and wind and solar with subsidies are not.

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