Corbyn is a dangerous man and his message will appear attractive, even common-sensical to those people that fail to think deeply, if at all, attracted by what they see as his considered approach, especially the young “millennials”. May is a fool and there is nothing worse than leaders that think they are capable and astute, when her decision to have another Election and risk “Brexit”, may allow Corbyn to enter Number 10 and another terrible five years under a traitorous oppressive Labour regime. It will be the death knell for what is left of Britain and possibly send us into a sharia state as Corbyn will facilitate through his beliefs in mass immigration and the final close of what was once the United Kingdom.

I quote Mr Sean Gabb:

“Mr Corbyn is in a very weak position to call himself a man of peace. I carry no torch for Israel, but Mr Corbyn has, throughout his time in politics, openly sided with the enemies of Israel – which, whatever can be said against it, is a liberal democracy of sorts. It is reasonable to presume that he opposed our wars in the Islamic world less because they were wars than because they were with his friends. Far worse than this, he has been a consistent supporter of Sinn Fein/IRA. I shall think better of his opposition to our wars in the Islamic World when he finally denounces the campaign of armed terror directed by his late friend Martin McGuiness.”


“But Mr Corbyn will almost certainly not be asked to form a government the week after next. Mrs May will keep the one she has. I will vote to keep her in office. But I take no pride in this. We live in a country with a more degraded public life than the average dystopian novel of forty years ago was likely to imagine.”

The Military may even act to prevent his taking power, as there are brighter minds within that know where this could lead. Hints have been made to such effect for a few years now, The Army stays out of politics. However, Corbyn’s anti-war stance attracts those that are sick of wars and Neo-Con hubris “spreading Democracy” through bombs. Pacifism is its own worst enemy in an unbalanced world brought about by foolish unworldly politicians with little grasp of history and the culture of others and how they work – especially when considering the Moslem world, one very different from ours, especially in regard to kinship and other socio-religious structures and ideology.

If Britain were to become an Islamic republic thanks to demography and mass immigration but especially given the supine reaction of our “Government” which sees patriotism as a threat rather than Wahabism allied to the growth of a “feely-touchy” population, and which has also lost its sense of nationhood under the pall of Marxist education, then we face a dark future. Yes, it could easily happen. Be under no illusion. Blair was far worse than Corbyn in matters of radicalism. Peter Hitchens was correct.

The sacking of Katie Hopkins and others for simply stating what would have been natural concern in the past, in the face of the murder of children by the bomber in Manchester, should have people on the streets, but has instead led to a “Piranha hate speech” frenzy in support of the removal of Mrs Hopkins. This is the true state of the hive mentality of Orwellian Britain.

Mrs Hopkins was deemed a “Nazi” and “Monster” and people “celebrated” as they immaturely gloated like a mob of tricolour hatted Guillotine hags cheering the beheading of French aristocrats after 1789. We do indeed resemble France in the days of that period and its Committee For Public Safety. Mrs May as yet is no Citizen Robespierre, but we’re not far off. Such matters evolve. I don’t think Corbyn is the blood-thirsty type but his baggage, social connections and views could lead to somebody that may not hold back.

Khan the Mayor of London waits in the wings of the Labour Party and, given the large Moslem bloc vote that shadows that Party now, leading to the “taking” of our capital city by Islam, it is not a big step to a Moslem PM.

I laid a complaint to the Met Police for their treatment of Mrs Hopkins but also reported her abusers for the misuse of the term “Nazi”. I phrased it in a way that made it seem that the generic abuse of such a term belittled the Holocaust and diminished all of us with memories of those days or shortly after the War. To one’s surprise the Police responded and her accusers on the infernal “Twitter” are now under investigation.

Normally one would pass over the very idea of reporting “Hate Speech”- a shocking Orwellian concept – but Mrs Hopkins has suffered loss of income and livelihood and I think it’s high time these “Virtue-signalling” hypocrites felt what it was like to misuse with abandon terms like “Nazi”. We shall see what transpires.

In summary, Jeremy Corbyn has struck a note with a country almost utterly demoralised by constant lies and permanent war. People, especially after the Manchester Bombing, in which innocent girls and boys were butchered has only aided Corbyn. People are looking for hope and a safe space. This is why Corbyn is a possible winner.

He does not intentionally seek to turn UK Islamic, or what is left of it after years of chicanery and abuse by fools in power but people sense the inherent decency of this old time Socialist. He gives the demoralised voter hope. History does not conform to politically correct hype and fake ideology but it can be a harsh judge of those that fly in the face of reality.

I think it is even possible that Chairman May wants to throw the Election as she probably knows the absolute mess the country is really in. The economic figures alone are frightening, as are the demographic uplift of mass migration. Why did Cameron resign, or Boris? Corbyn may be the “Fall Guy” of our lying Traitor Class.

This is the price we pay for decades of political spin. The Arabs have a saying, “Be careful what you wish for!” We may be about to discover that truth.

(See Mr Gabb’s piece here.)




Photo by DonkeyHotey

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