L to R: Tim Martin, Richard Tice, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Nigel Farage, Kate Hoey, Sammy Wilson, Graham Stringer

[Ed: Chris Scott, who send in this report, gave us his kind permission to publish the photos below.]

Just returned to so-called Sleepy Surrey from the Leave Means Leave event. Shades of the Grassroots Out London launch (** denotes those present at that launch) at the same QE2 conference building, though in a smaller hall and only – at a guess – about 500 in the audience, instead of 3000+. But we were paying £21 each, whereas registration for the GO meeting was free, IIRC.

Of course, the bigger difference is that we simply don’t know what we are facing yet: WTO exit on March 29th (one can still dream…), 2nd referendum, GE, European elections …

Main speakers, in order, introduced by Richard Tice (Vice-Chairman):

John Longworth (Chairman)

**Kate Hoey – excellent, as always.

Tim Martin – good fun, with plenty of jibes against the EU. He says Wetherspoons has stopped European wines.

Sammy Wilson – ridiculing the “hard” border threat.

Graham Stringer, MP (Lab) – quietly passionate.

**Nigel Farage (Vice Chairman) – (fresh from Eurostar)

Jacob Rees-Mogg



As the final speech, JRM’s was a little too academic to inspire an audience. Nigel’s would have been better as a send-off, although (as expected) it ended with a sober warning that we might have to fight a second referendum and the European elections.

Finally: a very different event from last Sunday’s. But most of the sentiments expressed were similar, of course…

Chris Scott


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The video of the full event was sent in by Brian Cooke, you can watch it here:


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