Ed: Russell Hicks had the idea, collected donations and set up the poster truck – we published the actual posters here. Below is his report of the Friday ‘tour’, with photos. Today on June 23rd, Russell and the truck will be out and about again:

It’s one thing having the idea, raising the money and designing the posters ​- ​but getting out there in London is a bit nerve racking​!​

The driver and I have been on edge all day. We started in Clapham and the headed to Westminster. That oddball who is outside the Houses of Parliament everyday with his EU flags, dishing out stickers and leaflets, is a nasty piece of work and quite aggressive…so I wound him up a bit more, laughed at him and said ‘​​you’re too late pal, the referendum was two years ago and you lost’. He was filming our ‘conversation’ on his phone, clearly a battle hardened campaigner, so I gave him both barrels to watch at home. I bet there’s a price on my head now. Then as he walked off in a huff, the driver said ‘I need the toilet, now’ and he turned the engine off and jumped out leaving us blocking the road, still outside the HofP! I ran round to the driver​’​s side, jumped in, started it and drove around the Green a few times until he reappeared. I thought he might have just quit.  

Then onto a few loops of Buckingham Palace, St James’s, Piccadilly Circus and then some fun in a very busy Regent Street, mixed responses, some good, some bad, the Removers don’t like being called Bad Losers! But the best bit, we parked right outside BBC HQ in Regent Street at lunchtime with zillions of people milling about, most looking po faced and shocked that UKIP would have the audacity to park a thirty foot poster truck on their precious home territory! Everywhere we went people were photographing the posters.

Then onto Islington, Finsbury, the Barbican, St Paul’s and around the City, a lot of shocked faces, more people taking snaps, and a few ‘thumbs up’. Between 4 and 5 we were all over the City, London Bridge, down to the Elephant and Castle and back. And then headed back to HQ which is Clapham.

Was it worth it? I should say so!! And tomorrow [Ed: now today, Saturday 23rd] ​it ​will be ten times better with the march and rally. I have a security man from 11 a.m. onwards, not cheap, but if the pledges all come in, we’ll be OK. I’m nervous even with security, one brick is all it takes, Antifa will be out in force tomorrow, looking for trouble, they hate UKIP.

If you are at the rally, please take photos of the truck, with various people around. Also, people have been tweeting photos all day, the artwork works superbly on Anna Soubry’s Twitter account!

THIS is the sort of full frontal attack on our enemies that UKIP should have been doing for YEARS!!

Cheers all!














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