Chester2Chester YI (Chester Young Independence) was formed in October 2012, with 4 founding members, who are Robin Hunter-Clarke, Matthew Mackinnon, Luke Thompson and Benjamin Middleton. Since, last year this branch has gone from strength to strength, from more than tripling youth membership, developing a strong relationship with the main UKIP branch in Chester, and holding regular action days and events.

The current committee, which runs the branch are Chairman; Matthew Mackinnon (@MattMackinnon92), Deputy Chairman; David McClure (@DavidMcClure09), Secretary; Dayle Taylor (@Dayle_Taylor) and Treasurer; Luke Thompson (@LukeThompson560).

We believe in Chester, we are the biggest and most active YI branch in the north. We currently have more than 15 members, who all contribute a great deal to the branch. Since being established in 2012, we have held a series of successful events, hosting big names in Chester, including Steven Woolfe, Bill Etheridge, Gerard Batten MEP and Neil Hamilton.

These events include, charity quizzes and debates. Bringing in these big names, from our party has been crucial in the way Chester YI has grown and developed, this past year. It’s a great way, of not only getting our message across, but a great way to recruit new members to YI. We would defiantly encourage all other YI branches to do the same!

Chester3Our most proud achievement over the last year, has to be the rapport we have built up with the main UKIP branch in Chester. For those who are not aware, the City of Chester is a seat UKIP could take in 2015, but only if we put the work in, starting now. We are not only the energetic foot soldiers, willing to deliver leaflets and campaign but we are providing an ever large presence on twitter for UKIP Chester, as well as designing new leaflets and coming up with new and innovative ways in which to campaign. The feeling in Chester, for UKIP is good and I can’t help but feel, the newly established YI branch in Chester, has gone a long way to contribute to this. Watch this space!

Its things like, teamwork, organisation, being dedicated to our common cause and shear hard work which have contributed to our success in Chester. However, for a YI branch to succeed and grow, the most important thing you need to do is engage. If you talk to people, it makes recruiting easy. The message soon spreads. If any YI branches would like help or advice, we will be more than happy to help, please contact us.


UKIP Chester can be found on Twitter at @UKIPChester and on Facebook.


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