Young Independence (YI) London was formed in July this year when it held its first set of elections, creating the current council, Chairman, Sanya Thandi (@SanyaJeet) Secretary, Jack Duffin (@jackduffin) Elections Officer, Richard Harrington (@harrington1451) and Events Officer, James Lynch (@LondonYIer).

We held our first event a week later where the committee discussed with members our ideas for the next year and other events we had planned. This was a really great opportunity for members across the region to come together and share ideas. I would recommend other regions to do something similar, maybe on county bases to get people involved. A major bonus of London is that you can get anywhere in the region in approximately two hours which helps attendance at regional events.

We have think tanks organising events most weeks in London, whether it be speeches or debates. There have been to a few but with many coming as last minute announcements, we struggle to plan what is going on. But getting a growing YI presence at these types of events is important as it allows us to engage with people of similar beliefs, whether they are in another party or nonparty.


So far we have only got round to holding one action day, which was for Neil Hall, (@NeilAndrewHall) we managed to get two other members down there to support him, Charlie Sammonds (@Volcanochaser46) and myself. It was a great day where we did leafleting and talking to several local residents.

The plan is to hold action days on both Wednesdays and Saturdays, this is because there are many students who work at weekends but get Wednesdays off, likewise we have people at school or who work and are free at weekends, making our action days as accessible as possible. We are planning several action days for the new year, making sure we support all YI candidates that are actively standing across London on 22nd May 2014. So far we only have a few names, so if you are standing please let us know so we can support you, email

The disadvantage with running any youth branch is that many of the most active members are working with their local branches in the run up to the local elections in May. So although YI London might not be the most active group, YI are making a positive impact in for UKIP in the local elections.

I am in the process of organising a really exciting event for the new year where I hope to get as many YI London members involved and standing in the local elections in May as possible. I have confirmed some great speakers and hopefully I can add one of two more too what promises to be a great evening. As soon as I have more details I will let members know.

Young Independence London can be found on Facebook,  and Twitter.

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